Resetting Previews on Phone?

Ok, so I know this is probably a stupid question, but does anyone know how to completely reset the preview of your story on your phone? I know you can say “update script” to update it, and I know that you can exit out of it and go back in to reset some things (like zooms), but my main problem is outfits. My characters are still in outfits they don’t change into til the end of the episode when I go back to the beginning, even after exiting and re-entering the story. I don’t know if this makes any sense, but if anyone can help, that would be awesome.

Reset story progress or go back to the scene where the characters changes into the outfit.

Go into it and then press on navigation then on Reset Story Progress and it should work!:blush:

You did not mention whether or not you made them change out of their outfit by directing on the site.
If you haven’t, then the script is:
@CHARACTER changes into CHARACTER_outfit1
If you’re trying to change their outfits on the mobile app, I’ve tried to do that when the mobile story writing was added, but there is no way to change their outfits from what I can remember (correct me if they added outfits on mobile).
If they didn’t add outfits on mobile, then the only way you could change their outfits on mobile is probably by remaking the same character a couple hundred times for every outfit you want them to have.
If what I’ve previously said is wrong, then I have no experience with this bug because so far, I’ve only used the preview on the site, because I can’t edit LL stories on mobile for some reason.

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