My very first story ‘The Dog’ I released some weeks back, I haven’t gotten any reads on it yet!
I am working on my second story now. I see some new stories I want to read sooo badly and I can’t because I writing my own. I don’t want to read them until I’m done with my own. I don’t want to be influenced by anyone else’s idea or plots. Whether it is lame or not it will be my own…


I can relate! I actually hold off reading stories that I feel could be similar to my own, but mainly because I don’t want to be accused of copying and well, I can’t copy smth I haven’t read. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Maybe promote, share the link and mention your stories more? :see_no_evil:


I’m an odd person, I like to come up with things nobody hasn’t thought of, or at least I try too!

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I would do r4rs and if you have IG promote it on there! Try to get more followers!

I put it up on Instagram and Fb,
The last person suggested a link, is this above is what they’re talking about?
I do this for fun, but I do take it seriously. I get to let out my imagination, I’m always picturing
odd situations, so I felt I should just let it out here!

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I am about to read it right now. If I like it, I’ll reccomend it on my Episode page.

Also, yes this is the link they were talking about :wink:

Thank you, I appreciate it a lot! My first story that you are about to view got some tweeks because I did the editing my self. when I learn the system better, which I am, I will go back and fix it. In addition this story is based off of some actual events!

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I also think I’ve read some of your work also, like before I decided to start writing, I got to go back into my favorites and look!

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I just went into my favorites and some of the stories I’ve read is no longer available, I know I’ve read some of your work, Your name looks very familiar.

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