Resize picture?

How to delete topic?

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One momen

Here ya go

You will have to click on it probably to safe it

You don’t need to I found out how…Thanks :smile:

No,my way didn’t work out :joy:

I already sized this correctly for you. I even just checked.

Lol… it’s cool it only took a second…

Sometimes when you send things on forums you have to actually click and safe it for the right size…

It was too small.

If you figure out how to delete let me know because I’m wondering myself :joy:

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No I just checked it’s the right size. Did you click on it and click download? Or did you just drag it off, because that messes with the size. If you click on it and click download it’ll be the right size and in the quality it was.

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FOr some reason It’s 281x500

That’s so weird. Did you click download?

I don’t remember,but I think I did

Maybe try again? I don’t know that’s strange because I know I sized it. Are you viewing in pixels?

Um…I think I clicked SAVE IMAGE,I holded on picture and clicked save image

Ohhh you’re on your phone?

You need to click on the image and click download. (I believe you can still do this on a phone.)

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I did It now and sizing is right :slight_smile: