Resizing help! overlay cover

So my overlay of my art was too big to upload i resized it many times nothing works can someone help? :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

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Hi @rachaelgrace
please try this one will work

I was on it but idk what dimensions it would work for the size

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there is no specified dimensions for overlays, but you can resize when using it in your script though!

how large is your overlay art?

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I got it done 1.5 mb but it has to be 1mb and under

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640 x 1136
1280 x 1136
1920 x 1136

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please try it and pleas tell me if get your background size did it work @rachaelgrace

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ah, so what they mean is that your file size is too large.

what strategies/websites have you used so far to convert the file to a smaller size?
my suggestion is also uploading it from another device besides your computer/laptop ^^

hey there! image sizes should be no more than 3000x3000 pixels, and they should be under 1mb for file size! anything beyond those two limits will result in an error <3

if you’re looking to compress your file size to 1mb, the website is a great place! just make sure your file is a png, and you should be set :white_heart:

Thanks everyone! I got it figured it out!!