Resizing the art scenes!

Hello! Could someone please resize these so i would be able to upload them as a background, please? The app i used doesn’t let me!

Thank you.

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Let me just ask some questions a sec…

  • Who are the artists of these?
  • They all have different watermarks?
  • Do u have the artist’s permission to use these?

I dont Think so, try Google reverse search them, i cant myself since i am on my phone

But i did try tineye, only this one showed


Yep, they made them for me!

If these aren’t yours then you cant use them

I found people who made them me. <3

I asked on a page if they could remake me a copy!

Um, so far I’ve only checked one scene and it’s one Pinterest =


Also this one on pinterest…


I dont use pinterest?

I was told as long as they didnt have copy right on, you could use them because google doesnt own them.

Well those images are one Pinterest so whether u use it or not, they are still there (:

U can’t use things off Google due to high Copyright risks

Then where did you get the art?

google <3

What artist drew the pictures?

Well thats the same you cant use Google images

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so i cant use them? I was told i can if there isnt a copy right

You cant use these since there from google

Yes, but evrything uploaded is copyright you dont have to do anything to make it so just uploade it, its always copyrighted unleash it says it isnt

Answer us this, who is the artist(s) who gave u permission to use these (:

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