Resizing the art scenes!

how do you know if it’s them? :eye: :lips: :eye:

Reason 1

Those styles are quite different and hardly have any consistencies.

Reason 2

They all have different watermarks. That means they probably belong to different artists.

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I cant remember the user :frowning:

I’ve seen her website before. They’re the only person on here that I know of who has an art website sort of thing (:

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Oh! I get it now! So, you can only use things that YOU/other people have made but given you permission? So, if someone makes an art piece for you, you need to make sure its not already been done?

I know it’s not Meg’s, but people commission/request different artists.

Yes, unless u have permission from the actual artist…do not use the art since u can never be sure that the art is free to use (:

If u request more than one art piece from the same artist, check for consistencies (do the watermarks look similar/the same) (do the styles look similar to what the artist has other examples for)

Okay thank you! Sorry i didnt know and luckily hadnt uploaded them! ;(

So, where could i get a trusting artist?
Any suggestions? x

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You can find shops here or you can commission artists on IG

I dont have IG :slight_smile:

  • U can find art shops to request from (I can send links if you’d like)

  • U can commission artists

That would be great, thank you!

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Here’s a thread I made full of links to art shops, commission artists & lots more that u may need =

A New Complete List Of Everything! OPEN (: - Community / Episode Fan Community - Episode Forums (

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Or if its from a non copyright website like pixabay.

Yep, I can send u a list of some websites if u need them (:

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Should properly mention commission means paid work, it cost money, request are whats free

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Yep, I’ll add that as soon as I can (:

Here’s a list of FREE websites =