😁 Resources for Creators

Sorry wrong account it was ep_backgrounds I corrected my post.

@queenkhadijah999 it’s not off topic if you have a resource page in your thread with copyright material


heres one https://forums.episodeinteractive.com/t/episode-studio-request-thread-reopened-5-5-18-open/24215/128

There are more on Instagram if you don’t mind including it in your post!


Please give editors credit in your story if you’ve used their work!

Also, I’m no longer @smg.episode. I’ve changed my username to @shellyg.episode, but have currently revoked access to my backgrounds and overlays.

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Is it because I always forget to credit you

I wasn’t calling out anyone. I meant in general.

Other editors that I know of have read stories where their backgrounds were used, but no credits were mentioned anywhere. This is why I’m not sharing my work anymore.

Though it would be nice if you didn’t forget to credit me since I spent hours on my edits so the public can use them.

Thanks for the links and the heads up!

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Well, if anyone needs a cover or splash for Limelight, here they can go!

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