Resources for learning how to draw

Hi everyone, so this thread is to share resources for people to learn how to draw. You can share apps too.
If you want to share a resource then please put the following:

  1. App name/ website name
  2. App link/ website link (if your able to share)
  3. Is it free, or are some objects you have to pay or do you have to pay fully.
  4. Is it a drawing tool (e.g. Photoshop, gimp, etc.) Or is it a learning tool (e.g. how to draw dogs step by step, etc) Or is it a art supply/ item (e.e. drawing pens for Android, Prisma colors, etc.)
  5. For apps is it apple or google play or both.

I’ll be putting them into the following categories:

Websites (free)

How 2 Draw Animals
How 2 Draw Manga
Easy Drawing Guides

Websites (pay)

Nothing yet

Apps (Android, free)

(They have way to many resources so I made them a sub category)

Apps (Android, in-app purchases)

Ibis paint X (free dowload)
Medibang (free download)

Apps (Android, Pay)

Nothing yet

Apps (Apple, Free)

Nothing yet

Apps (Apple, in-app purchases)

Ibis Paint X (Free Download)
Medibang (Free Download)

Apps (Apple, Pay)

Procreate ($9.99 USD)

Supplies (Technology)

Nothing yet

Supplies (Physical)

(I’m Slowly adding so check back later)

YOLAKIS Calligraphy Pen Ink ($18.99 USD)

ABClife Zipper Binder ($10.88 USD)

Yoobi | Folder | ($11.99 USD)

Arteza Alcohol Art Markers, Alcohol Markers Set of 144 Colors ($459.99 USD, Has sales often)

Handmade Glass Dip Pen ($19.99 USD)

Minimalism Art Squared/ Graph Notebook ($8.95 USD, prices may vary) -There different sizes, colors, and styles (square, ruled, dotted, etc.)

Art Resources (Other)

Photoshop it’s on android, ios, and windows/ Microsoft. ($20.99/month USD, prices may vary based on package)

Medibang Windows/ Microsoft, iOS, android, maybe others (Free Download, may have in-app purchases)

Krita Windows, but may be on mobile and/ or Mac. (Free Download, may contain in app purchases)

Gimp Windows but may be on mobile and/ or Mac.(Free Download, pretty sure no in app purchases)

Credit: If you were wondering, you don’t get credit. for finding an app since you did not make the app. However, If you have tutorials that you made (which fall into websites, unless it’s an app) then you do get credit since you made it.

Why I made this (Since someone might ask): I’m learning how to draw and thought it would be helpful to share resources so others can learn to. Also I thought this might be helpful to new or old artists out there.

As I find I’ll add, Hope this helps anyone learn to draw.




PROCREATE is a good cheap paid apple app, a free one is ibis paint x


Thank you for sharing :blush:

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Never used it but there’s photoshop. I’ve always used Procreate and honestly it’s worth the money


Ibis Paint is amazing!! I’ve been using it for years and they have fantastic updates. It’s free and for Android as far as I know




Bookmarking! This looks very useful!

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Bump! Good job

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Thank you :blush:

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I use infinite painter. Its only a free 7 day trial and then you have to pay, but if you save the art and install it again, it restarts the 7 days :grin:, it might be cheating it I guess, but it works for me :grimacing:

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Ty for sharing

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