Resources for learning to code choose your gender?

So I made this poll because im conflicted on if i want to write a male mc or choose your gender (you can vote on it if you want)

and the only thing stopping me from making it so the reader can choose their gender (and choose pronouns) is that i cant even find updated resources, templates, or anything on how to properly code choosing your gender or choosing your pronouns in limelight. if anyone has any LIMELIGHT sources on how to code the option itself of choosing gender, how to code the reader as the right gender throughout the story, how to refer to the right pronouns throughout the story, any related script templates, etc, I would love if you shared them!

if it helps, my story would have the gender and pronoun option at the beginning, and wouldnt have a customization or name option until later in the first chapter. so i wouldnt want the story to jump to customization right away.

take a look on this website she has a choose you’re gender template and explaination

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ah thank you! i swear i looked at dara’s website and couldnt find anything but maybe i wasnt looking hard enough. thank you! now i just need to practice with a pronoun option as well😬

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