Resources? tips?

im making a story about a girl who survives an apocalypse. is there any overlays or scripts for this story? this is also my first story, so any tips? thank u!

I suppose you can find smoke overlays somewhere on the internet, can you give more specific details about your story?

so, shes one of the only people surviving, its like the purge, you can get illegal weapons since the zombies. and she has to save people from them.

Oh okay, kinda like the Walking Dead+ Purge… Well, do you need help coding or writing out a story?

You can find amazing backgrounds (maybe overlays) in @amepisode’s drive. You find her like that (@amepisode) on Instagram. All you gotta do is give her credit!

Hope it helps!

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So what do you have so far? If you want to just dm me, you can.

i haven’t started yet, but i’ve written stuff in my notes.

Oh okay, tyt