Restaurant background needed!

Does anyone have restaurant backgrounds…
I can’t find any and it’s for my story and I will give credit but can someone help me?

@Yari Sure what do you need?

Restaurant backgrounds but view point were the tables are at and able to see it

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Like this?

Yeah but without the burger prince or tv I want one more fancy if it’s not to much to ask

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I can do that. But it’s 12: 35 here, I’m really tired, Can I start in the morning,

Thank youuuu!!!

Hey there what colors would you like?

Can you do black and gold and white

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Sure can, P. S I’m going to a place with WiFi.

Wait do y of them for free or I need to pay?

They are free, I would never charge

Oh ok thank you!!!

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Also would you like a chandelier

Sure but you can add anything that would look best for a fancy kind of restaurant

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Thank you, it should be done when I’m done shopping

Hey I’m back sorry I went shopping and then I had to clean.
Do you like this for the wall?

Hey you can also check out this thread for backgrounds: 📝 Ultimate List of Backgrounds and Overlays Editors / Creators!

And Pixabay as well as Pexels are good websites to find backgrounds ^^

Do u have like more of an ocean look out ?

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Like a window?