Restaurant background needed!

I saw one that was more of an outside kind of restaurant that the background was the ocean

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Can I have a visual.?


But I couldn’t use it since there wasn’t credits or who ever made it

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I can find who made it.

@shellyg Is this yours?

I already tried and I couldn’t find one that I wanted to go for the theme

Oh ok

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where did u get the background?

This other person had it when I looked for restaurant background they needed overlays for it but I wasn’t going to use it


Do you still want me to make it

If u want it all depends if y want too

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I can, I’ll get started right away

Is it an outside restaurant or inside


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Would you like a episode ocean or any.

I like ocean but if u can’t do it I’m fine with anything else

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Okay I’m almost done, would you like to add your own chairs

It would be easier