Restaurant background problem

Soooo, I want to use INT. ITALIAN RESTAURANT OL - NIGHT in my story, but without the overlay that comes in this background. I tried erasing the ‘‘ol’’ from the name, but it didn’t work. What can I do?? :sob:

(English is not my native language, so if you guys didn’t understand, don’t hesitate to tell me :stuck_out_tongue: )

uploud this background\ if you do it like that it won’t give those overlays

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Just set the overlay’s opacity to 0 so it’s invisible in the scene. To do this, use the background’s name as the overlay name.

&overlay INT. ITALIAN RESTAURANT OL - NIGHT opacity 0 in 0


It didn’t work D:

The chairs are part of the background, they aren’t overlays. Only the table is an overlay.

Thank you!! ^^

I know, but it’s the table I want to remove :confused:

That table overlay shouldn’t be part of that background, that’s very weird. That overlay is actually a hidden Episode background that’s named INT. ITALIAN RESTAURANT - NIGHT and it seems like it merged the two backgrounds together. You should submit a ticket to Episode and let them know about this glitch. In the mean time you can do @Minoesje’s suggestion and upload the background as your own.


I have the same issue with the background however it tells me that INY. ITALIAN REASTAURANT - NIGHT doesn’t exist so I had to download episode’s background and uplousd it back to the portal pretty anonying if you ask me

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I’m gonna do this. Thank you for the support!!

That’s the name of the hidden background. That’s why it comes up with an error because it’s not for public use. This is what the background looks like:


Yeah, I didn’t know what to do anymore, but thank God you send me that background! I uploaded it now. Thanks for your help!!

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