Restaurant Day script?

Does anyone have a full restaurant script template?

Preferably a DAY background also?

What kind of restaurant template are you looking for? Did you need the background and the coding for that specific scene?

Hi! Well, I really wanted “EXT. OUTDOOR RESTAURANT OL - NIGHT” to be Day but I don’t know if that is possible.

So the next best thing is “INT. COZY RESTAURANT - DAY”

I need the background and coding if possible, and each table to have people at it. It’s kind of like a couples night thing so two people were table.

This is my restaurant background I’m using for my story. I used the Table Booth overlay for this, but I do have some table overlays I made. This background can be used for day or night since it’s a dark restaurant. I can send this to you, plus all the coding for it.

Wow that would be amazing, yes thank you!

never shared before so I’m not sure how to send everything to you. :grin: msg me on ekpeters.episode and I will give you the links so you can copy them to the writer’s portal.

would you like to message it to me on here?
that seems good : )

Let’s try the background first to see if it works.

This is the one that got approved by Episode

for table I have sushi, or bar food. Or I can give you the coding for the TABLE BOOTH overlay included in the writer’s portal

It says it can’t upload since it’s a jpeg?

To upload backgrounds in the Writer’s Portal, the image has to be a jpeg. If you right click and save to your computer, it should be the correct size when you upload it.

it’s saying it needs to be png.

Then you’re trying to add an overlay. For background uploads, you need them to be jpg. Do you have a background you’re already using and just need a table?

Here are my table overlays if you want to use them. These are in png

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Ah I see, I got it to work.
Idk why it wasn’t uploading, it uploaded just fine!

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Perfect. If you’re going to use the TABLE BOOTH overlay that’s already included in the Writer’s Portal, here is the coding for it for just two people:

INT. RESTAURANT - DAY with TABLE BOOTH to .856 316 -2 in zone 1 at layer 2 (this is placement for zone 2 with the restaurant background

&cut to zone 2 and CHARACTERG spot 1.405 250 -171 in zone 2 at layer 1 and CHARACTERGfaces left and CHARACTERB spot 1.445 80 -171 in zone 2 at layer 1 and CHARACTERB faces right and CHARACTERB is (whatever action you want)

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wow, thank you!

do you have an entire script? with every seat filled if possible?

I have one with 6 characters sitting (2 in each zone)

Would it be possible that I may have it? I will credit you in my story of course.

Okay. If you use my table overlays (like the sushi and bar one) here’s the coding for all 6 people (boy and girl)

INT. RESTAURANT - DAY with BAR TABLE to 1 0 0 in zone 1 at layer 3 (or sushi table)

&cut to zone 1 and CHARG1 spot 1.225 220 -78 in zone 1 at layer 0 and CHARG1 faces right and CHARG1 is idle and CHARB1 spot 1.285 70 -78 in zone 1 at layer 1 and CHARB1 faces right and CHARB2 spot 1.280 85 -78 in zone 2 at layer 0 and CHARB2 faces right and CHARB2 is idle and CHARG2 spot 1.225 90 -78 in zone 2 at layer 1 and CHARG2 faces right and CHARG2 is idle and CHARB3 spot 1.285 270 -78 in zone 3 at layer 1 and CHARB3 faces left and CHARB3 is idle and CHARG3 spot 1.225 240 -78 in zone 3 at layer 0 and CHARG3 faces left and CHARG3 is idle