Restore game from android to ios help

Hey all,
I can’t restore my game process of Android to IOS
It appears you are trying to transfer an account between Android and IOS
Cancel Login.

Can anyone helfp me. I have checked online.
I can’t restore using my Gmail Also.

I’m sorry to be the one telling you this, but for what I remember you can’t restore anything from Android to IOS nor the other way around :sweat_smile:

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I’m so dead:sob::sob::rofl::rofl:
thnks anyway

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I’m sorry dear :sweat_smile:

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Hey there, you can submit a help ticket to our support team! They can’t transfer accounts, but they may be able to help you gain lost assets from your previous account. :slight_smile:

Happened to me as well. Unfortunately it’s impossible… but I sent episode a ticket about it and they gave me 25 passes for free!:blush: It was so sweet. Maybe they’ll give you too!