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Hi im Bunni i make covers with up to six characters i’m looking for some practice and i will love if some people can fill out form only have few rules which stated in the form i will also state here just in case.

1.This 100% free i don’t do art and if i do its very limited

2.I only take on a max of 5-10 edits depending. some poses are super complicated

3.For me this mostly practice so i admit it will not perfect!

  1. I will send you many verison until it is to your liking but don’t be too picky please

  2. message me with any extra details about characters so that we may discuss it

  3. Please don’t make blank request i see the answers!

  4. If you do use my cover please credit me (it is highly appreciated!!) @retrobunnns on instagram/Episode


Elle writes



Request Form!


Not a request, I just wanted to say your edits look rlly good !


Filled!! <3