Returning nearly 5 years later 👀

Anyone been a member since 2014!?

Yikes… its been a minute :joy:


Not necessarily the forums, but I think I started using Episode around that time.


@ Sunset_Shimmer & @ LillyR & @ RudeInception have been members since 2014 (there’s a lot of other ones but most are inactive) :smiley:

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Not the forums, but I started using Episode then, yes. (I may have been a teeny tiny bit underage)


:raising_hand_woman:t3:‍♀ :raising_hand_woman:t3:‍♀ I’m here! I get so weirdly excited when someone has been here as long as me. But a tiny bit jealous you’ve technically been here a few months longer. :joy:



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Not on the forums. I began using Episode around that time, though.

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You’re going to have a hard time finding people who joined in 2014 on the Forums :joy:

But in regards to playing the app since that year, you’ll find way more :revolving_hearts:

I thought I found GOLD when I found episode. I was a Junior i think in High school and i thought it was so cool to see stories come to life, let alone your own!

I have a story that i had been working on and its really intricate… but its made up of the early version where everything was really awkward :sweat_smile: lol

I kind of want to translate it to the new version in a way. But i don’t think that’s be possible.

Ahhh, when you could edit and make stories without having to a read a ton of promo stories first… those were the days :joy:

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omg I started reading episode as a joke with my friends because the ads were so ridiculous on tumblr but then I found stories like dripping mascara or a world without men and it became addictive joy:


Same, that’s how I got into it :joy:

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