Revamped 1-3 Chapters ~ Would Love Feedback <3 ~

Hey gals and guys! After many weeks of procrastination I finally decided to revamp the first 3 chapters of my story. I was such a noob at writing back then but didn’t want restart the entire story from scratch. I wasn’t happy with the first few episodes because they were sooooo cringey (emphasis on the so). I would really like some feedback on the third, second or even first chapter. If you want I’ll happily read your story too x.

Thank you in advance!

Link to story ----->

The fight for survival is on. Even then can you deal with the love, friendships and enemies thrown your way?

It’s a zombie story btw :3


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We’re (@NattyGomez) with and we review stories and post our reviews on our Instagram ( If you would like us to review your story you must like us on Instagram, read and follow our rules, and fill out this form!

Thank you and good luck on your story :slight_smile:

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Have filled out the form and will be reading your story shortly! X

Thank you x