Reveal: A Captain's Tale R4R Thread (CLOSED, UNTIL STORIES ARE READ)

Send your stories in if you want to do R4R, any stories are welcomed especially reveal stories. NO GHOSTING!


I will be reading 3 Episodes ONLY, if your story has 3 episodes then that’s okay, if your story has long/short (1-30 etc.) episodes, then I will read ONLY 3.

Send screenshots in this thread that you’ve read my story, and I will do the same.(PICTURES OF CHARACTERS, ETC.) DO NOT MESSAGE ME IN DM, WITH SCREENSHOTS, SEND THEM IN THE THREAD, HERE.

If you want me to share your story for promotion on @lana_epi_reads, feel free to follow, message me on that account.

All stories will be read in order, meaning someone comments their story, I will read their story, and the next person comment, I will their story next. I will make a list, and tag you on the list.

Please DO NOT ASK OTHERS for R4R in this thread, because I will get mixed up on who’s story to read next. So, either MESSAGE each other OR create an R4R thread.


I WILL BE REVAMPING SCENES IN EPISODE 3 BECAUSE IT IS SHORT. So, it is what it is. I will be reading entries tomorrow. i’m off to bed.

Title: Reveal: A Captain’s Tale

By : lanafrazer_epsidoe

Instagram: lanafrazer.episode

Genre: Drama, Action, Fantasy, Adventure

Style : Limelight

Episodes: 1-3 (On-going)

Description: A blacksmith is on a journey to unfold the truth about his long lost father. What happens when he boards a ship owned by a pirate captain who’s not what he seems to be.



List of Stories:
3. @Superpup
5. @miller_k

Completed Stories:

  1. @Ksu .
  2. @Yeyefifi
  3. @Bella.Episode21
  4. @Lilyarts
  5. @agatya
  6. @talzen
  7. @line123462
  8. @TamiRose
  9. @TheCalliope
  10. @Nat.Alia
  11. @PhoebeDAnderson
  12. @Cyn.episode.story

Screenshots Send In Thread:

  1. @Ksu
  2. @agatya
  3. @Yeyefifi
  4. @Bella.Episode21
  5. @TheCalliope
  6. @talzen
  7. @line123462
  8. @TamiRose
  9. @Nat.Alia
  10. @Cyn.episode.story
  11. @PhoebeDAnderson

Waiting Screenshots From:


I want to do r4r with you✨
I will send you screenshots when I finish reading your story

Mine is Reveal: Our little secret

DESCRIPTION: What could be better than meeting five close friends at a student party? Such events are extremely rare. However, things don’t get so rosy when a dead girl is found in the house. Who is behind this and what is the little secret of each of them?
Author: epi.ksu
You can also dm in ig @epi.ksu

GENRE: Drama
•Full CC

•One LI

•Sounds & Music

•Point System, Choices matter, Mini games

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Just finished!:slight_smile: You did a great job.


On your now. :wink:

Complete. :heart:

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OMG I have been waiting for your story for so long lol!

Title: Reveal: Hunter Moon by Agatya
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery
It is in LL and ongoing!

Two lovers separated by the tragic past. One month that can change the face of the world as we know it. Will they be able to come together, or are some wounds too deep to heal?

LL, Full CC for MC and LI, one LI, choice of MC - each MC comes with their unique scenes and storyline only available to them.

The world is based on Slavic mythology and folklore , so get ready to meet some supernatural creatures!


And now I am off to read yours, expect some screenshots soon! And I’d love promotion too, pretty sure we’re already following each other on insta!


I would love to do a R4R!! :grin:


The title of my story is Reveal: Heartless Heartbeat

Will an accident lead you to meet your soulmate or greatest enemy ? Is this Mysterious heart all it takes to lose it all ? In an adventure of love, tragedy and hope to find your way!

Story Includes: 4 LI, CC, Mini-games, point system, and more…

Link: Reveal: Heartless Heartbeat

This is my very first story and I had a lot of fun making it! I really hope you like my story!

Thank you so very much for this thread! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I will upload the screenshots once I finish reading!

Have a wonderful day!


Please do not ask for R4R on this thread as it is stated on my rules. You can message or create a R4R thread.:heart:

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Hey, I’d love to do a R4R! :two_hearts:


Thanks for this thread and I’ll send the screenshots as I soon as I’m done!

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Waiting for passes to refill. :heart:


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WOW! This is truly such an Amazing story!! :yellow_heart:

I really enjoyed it!

(My favorite character is the lil cute Parrot! :joy: )

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Here’s my story:

Description: Two years ago, Alorna found out the truth about her heritage. Now, with her past coming back to haunt her, the time has come to pick a side…
Insta: nat.alia.writes

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Reading yall stories now, will send when I complete everyone. :wink:

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I’m interested in a R4R!!!

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R4r would be amazing!
Title: Reveal: Shattered Destiny

Chapters: 1-3
Description: My destiny was shattered by the legendary gods of Olympus which turned my world upside down while venturing the seas and finding love. Now I must set things right.

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Hey there! :purple_heart: I’d love to do an R4R with my Reveal entry!:

Title: Reveal: Goddess of Nothing

Author: Calliope

Description: One wears charm like a cloak. One holds a deadly secret. One has too much to prove. One doesn’t exist. And all four are competing against you to be the 12th Olympian. (4 LIs,LL,CC)

Link: Here you go! (

Insta: @calli_epi

Small cover:


  • 4 LIs (2 male, 2 female)
  • minigames
  • multiple point systems
  • varied endings
  • full CC for MC and LIs
  • impactful choices

I’ll send screenshots within the next hour!

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So good! You’re directing is awesome! :heart:

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Here are the screenshots!

I loved it! The aesthetic and directing were spot-on! Also, I second the parrot being the best character :joy:

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@agatya im stuck on the dressing game. Unless it’s a glitch? Let me know.

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