Reveal a secret fact about yourself that nobody knows, until reading it here

Reveal a secret fact about yourself that nobody knows until reading it here.

Mine: I literally never take my shoes off unless it’s for showering. I know that’s strange, but when I was younger (like really young), my mom weirdly left out a box cutter on the floor unattended, and I stepped on it when I was 5 and well, you know the rest. I had this weird anxiety about being barefoot ever since. :persevere::persevere:

How about you? :yum:


get that feeling. I dont have fear of been barefoot but I did in some time after I got a nail in my foot when I was six.


i hate the feeling of jeans so i wear tights under my jeans


I died my hair when I was 7 and cried for days coz it didn’t turn out great

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Nobody knows that I was deaf. I keep secret in social media until I feel comfortable tell my interest friends. Their reaction isn’t what I expected bc don’t know they’ll be supportive. The reason why I don’t tell them because I want to feel normal.

Uh yeah this is my secret but don’t let this tread flop :neutral_face:


I hate the feeling of walking in socks on carpet.


I catch feelings wayyyyy to fast


I cut my hair when I was ten then it stopped growing completely until a year ago :sob: :rofl:


i only have a birthday once every four years;;


Ouch… The box-cutting description gave me sympathy pain and nice matching wincing face. >-<

I can’t think of something that people haven’t figured out or that is really necessarily a secret, so :woman_shrugging:


I hate socks :zipper_mouth_face:

And I’m afraid of lady bugs
:eye: :lips: :eye:

Aaaand jeans feel weird


Omg not the same as me, but I was partly deaf in 1-2 grade and I had to undergo tonsils and adenoid surgery (which had a long recovery process) it’s not rlly a secret to me with my friends tho- ppl just assume things they wanna I guess

Plus- these people you call “friends” shouldn’t be called your friends if you aren’t able to be completely comfortable and open with them!

My secret is…

I have a mini heart attack every morning waking up to my alarm (“playtime” <— sound) that’s the only reason I wake up early :eyes:

Well they’re my friends.


I have Arachnophobia (also known as fear of spiders). I know this is common but I don’t like people knowing about it because my own parents taunt me about it ,(takes a deep breaths).
:sob: :sob:


Here is a secret nobody knows and that is I love to sing. I probably want to be a famous singer but I want to be able to walk in the grocery store and not get recognized :joy: and I don’t want to deal with the paparazzi. So I might just sing for me and I’m ok with that

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Hopefully you become famous but be able to walk in any grocery store without paparazzi waiting for you :rofl: :rofl: :heart:

Yea :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Oh, my heck.

I’m scared of ladybugs, too. I hate the word ugly, but they’re hecken ugly. They just make me cringe and they’re gross and scary looking with those big, white circle eyes. This ladybug landed on my arm this one time, and all I saw were the huge white circles where the eyes should be. It was spotted white on the top and there was hardly any red on it, just big black spots.

I swatted it away, but it flew back and kept getting flying closer and closer to my face until it was on top of my nose. IT BIT ME. It obviously doesn’t hurt 'cause it’s a tiny thing, but nonetheless I felt a little prick. :sob: :sob:

I’d prefer a bee harassing me.


my secret… - I never go out in the sun, and avoid the pool/beach bc I’m terrified my freckles will come back