REVEAL Contest Discussion, Motivation, and Promotion Thread!

So, as the title says, discuss the Reveal contest, get motivation for it and promote your stories!

Announcement Thread

Announcing the REVEAL Writer's Contest!

  • Deadline is October 5th
  • Must be a drama story
  • Must have a big reveal in the first three episodes
  • Must have Reveal in the title, and should be in the format Reveal: Title Here
  • Must fill out the google form in the announcement thread AFTER you publish
  • All stories MUST be published after they announced the contest and before the deadline
  • Must follow content guidelines
  • Major changes cannot be made after the deadline







If you have more motivation you want me to add, comment below!

Take these forms!

Announcing the REVEAL Writer's Contest! - #1092 by Phoenix_11037
Announcing the REVEAL Writer's Contest! - #627 by Phoenix_11037

Drop your stories here to get them on this list!

REVEAL Contest Entry List

Uh yeah, that’s it for now, but I’ll be updating this often!

What are everyone’s biggest worries for the contest?


And of course I’m also gonna self-promo my own story Reveal: Now and Forever coming out in about a week
And follow me on Instagram for sneak peaks! @_superpup.episode_ I follow back all episode and art accounts


This is perfect! I am seeing a good amount of entries. :sunglasses:

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Yeah! I’m so excited to see what everyone came up with!

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So, what are everyone’s biggest worries for the contest?

I’ll start by saying that I’m rlly nervous that my story simply won’t be as good as some of the other entries, although it’s changed drastically and I’ve gotten it proofread many times

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Such a good idea! If it’s ok, I’d love to promote my friend’s story: Reveal: The 50k Bounty x

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If it’s ok, I’d like to self-promo as well :sweat_smile:
Story name: Reveal: The Lost Planet
Author: Aqua Mizu (@aquamizu.epi)
Genre: drama with a sci-fi story background

Sarah is an ordinary girl, until she was told her true identity, whisking her into an unimaginable adventure. Can she fulfill the mission to bring back the lost planet?

Theme: peace between different cultures, home is where the people are
(will be more prominent in later episodes)

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Reveal: The Lost Planet

Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!


Please follow me @aquamizu.epi, both on the app and instagram!
Feel free to give me any suggestions, it’s my first story :wink:

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I definitely can understand that fear, especially seeing all of the sneak peeks and trailers. This is definitely going to be a tough one.

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To everyone out there who are still rushing the deadline to publish your reveal story:

There’s still a few days to the deadline, but don’t give up if you haven’t finished it! All your previous work will go to waste if you give up! Just get up, and get in front of the computer and finish off the story! You can also edit it while u r waiting for the bus, going to school or work… For me, I made the cover, half-cover, added 5 characters with their outfits, and finished up episode 3, all within 2 weeks while at the same time school resumed and was giving up plenty of quizzes and tests! YOU CAN DO IT TOO! HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF! Good luck with the contest!

(hope this isnt too long :sweat_smile:)


My biggest worry is that I won’t finish in time. My second biggest worry is that nobody will be interested in my story, or that it won’t be good enough for people to enjoy.

That’s what I get for deciding to enter a little over two weeks before the deadline haha


Looks interesting! I’ll check it out

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Yes! So important!

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You’ve got this!
I’m sure you’ll be able to finish and a bunch of people will read your story, especially if you promote it on the reveal entry lists and Instagram!

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Thank you so much for the reassurance! I really appreciate it ^^

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We’ll all help you! We’ll help each other. Just make sure you’ve added your story to @lanafrazer_episode list. I’ll be going down and reading as much as I can x

Oops replied to the wrong person! This is for you @HermanEpisode

I was speaking to my friend and she’s currently helping people with templates so if you need something, message her on insta josiej8 x