Reveal: (The Arts) Fresh Meat🥩

Thank you guys for reading Squad: (The Arts) Summer Arts Program this story is on its way to 100 and I’m so glad you liked it. Chapter 4 will be published soon and I will be entering another contest with a season II. This time this story will have more Drama/Mystery/Thriller :cut_of_meat:. Coming Soon on the lates of September just in time for spooky season. :cut_of_meat: I’ll be writing a Spanish One Two in honor of Spanish Heritage Month
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Ooo, good luck & congrats on the story.

Thanks :pray:t2: :heart:

Can I just clarify- your new contest story will be a sequel to your current story? Because sequels and spin-offs aren’t allowed for contest stories :pensive: so I’m just double checking because I’d hate to see you DQ’d.


Well dang :joy:, I ain’t know about that. Due to the fact that I’ve never joined a contest :see_no_evil:.

It’s not a spin-off or a sequel it’s just a part two. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

If it appears to be related in any way, I think it would still be disqualified if they found out.

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Ok. Then I’ll drop out

You can’t adjust the story so it’s not in the same world or doesn’t seem like it’s related? Or are the characters the same?