Reveal Your Secrets Here (Thread)


hey lovess :revolving_hearts:

So recently I have been watching like ayydubs on youtube, her revealing your secrets series and thought why not make a thread? So yeah that’s the back story really

Basically you can comment secrets you’ve kept on forums or in real life. If it’s tea than don’t name names and don’t at least try not to start anything.

Alright dude, go… trip over a knife. someone help i’m so cringey

Comment your secrets and i’ll choose the “juciest” secrets in the end and put them on a diff forum because… why not? Also can you put real ones?

I’ll only reveal one so far… I had a crush on my best friends crush but never told her. Later on I started liking his best friend, i don’t like my old best friend now but she keeps clinging on to me :roll_eyes:



What happened to Idubbbz




Secrets? Secretz_lol? Illuminati confirmed

sorry ok

Ummm secrets…





I have a crush on this girl (on the forums). Huge crush. And yes, I have a boyfriend, but sometimes I feel like flirting with her. But then I’m like no. Really bad idea, Adam. Just go love your boyfriend you shitwipe

So yea

Obviously something I don’t go around screaming because why? Would I? And if my boyfriend knew that he’d kill me :slight_smile: and I don’t wanna die :slight_smile:


Umm hi I just wanted to share this so uhhhh please don’t judge :sweat:


I used to be in my schools swimsquad. I loved swimming and was pretty good at it so I tried out for the squad and got in! But then I realized that the training was really early in the morning so I was like ok I’ll wake up early, pack a breakfast to go and try making new friends. So first day I get there and I’m super nervous as I’m already late and I see everyone else in the pool. But I see everyone else is in groups already and are at least 2 years older than me… so I was isolated for a month with really hard and strict training and it came to a point that I didn’t attend anymore… But on top of that I would get panick attacks and anxiety before, after and during the galas. It became very toxic and uncomfortable situation.

Bwt it’s really early so I may delete it later


Sorry about that, but if you really love to swim, don’t let this experience spoil it for you. :swimming_woman:


Aww, keep swimming thoo


Yupp it’s billie and situation makes me kind of laugh :joy:

i also kind of love u bc ur a legendd


wait what me? How?


Lmao, I don’t know you’re just really funnyy and IDK a legend IN MY OPIONIONN


Thanksss :smile:


guys I’m gonna spill the tea to the person this is about and just say “I posted about you on the forums” and let her find this thread :joy:


Yess do itttt


Secrets? What kind of secrets?




Bubby I- idk what to say :speak_no_evil: I’m speechless i didn’t know that’s how you felt towards me :speak_no_evil:

But you know i wuvs you forever :heart:


@Lovelyy_Iqraa meet the subject of my secret :joy:


That’s me :speak_no_evil::yum:


Yepp :smile:


Secret secrets or just secrets? I’m confused