Reveal Your Secrets Here (Thread)


Ok so I lied about something really big but it was 2 years ago. The person I lied too is now kinda back to talking to me but I feel really guilty about what I did. Sometimes I think I’m a aweful person for not telling my current best friends, but I regret it so much that I can’t tell them. LIFE IS SO HARD!!!


Alright dude…go trip over a knife… ( I get the referennnnceeeee )

Um. I’m bisexual. I haven’t told anybody in my family because…hah. No


A secret?

I once had a crush on my best friend. She was a girl and so am I.


@Adam.Epy @Qwueen so when is the get together? Lmao jk :smirk:






One time a boy said “You look good with curly styled hair.” And he also had curly hair so I said.
“You don’t!” After that he never looked my way.


I may seem very open about my sexuality here but irl no one knows. I think two of my friends may have guessed…


My friend is bi and she’s scared to tell her parents because they’re homophobic and I wish i could help


Secrets… hmm… ok ok…



Ok… sometimes…

Ok. So, Ever since I was… what? Like, 14, I’ve been technically… abused. At first it was something non - alarming, like him walking uncomfortably close to me. But then, it started getting more alarming. He would start following me, even try to convince me to do… well… things with him. And everytime school would end, he would be safe. I would message him to stop doing those things, but he just accused me of blaming him for something he didn’t do! Like, boi, I witnessed you undressing me once, I know you’re guilty.

But yeah, I’ve gotten him out of my life… up until recently, where… he took it far enough to the point where he RAPED me!! And now I’m a 17 year old, on my own, pregnant.

You guys might be wondering who the hell this guy thinks he is. And you’re right. His name is Rob. You might be like, isn’t that bad to share his name?

Well… he invaded my body! Fuck his privacy!

Sorry, I’m just mad. Ok, that’s it for now!


Are you okay now? I’m sorry about what happened.


Ahaha… Ahhhaahaha… Of course I’m fine now… still freaking hate him… still pregnant… but yeah, I’m fine :grin:


Also, don’t be sorry! It wasn’t your fault!


We are here for you the best we can. :cry:


Wow, that is deep ima find this bitchass and pop his probably ugly face. Also hope you will be fine, being a madre.

Im here for u either way siss :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


I have a friend who’s brother is trans and he told his parents and they kicked him out of the house for a day…it is getting better now but they don’t use masculine pronouns…I feel really bad for him…


Aw that breaks my freaking heart :tired_face::pensive:


Aw… I have a trans friend… She’s kind of like a sister to me. She started out as a boy and then slowly started transitioning… it was… kind of amazing honestly :sweat_smile:

How that girl has more guts than me :joy:


Thanks I’ll try even though I sometimes feel anxious :sweat: but to be honest thank you for being so kind because I was expecting to be hated on
:heart: :heart: :heart:


I’ll try :heart: