Reveal Your Secrets Here (Thread)


Why that? :scream: You did nothing wrong. :sunglasses:


That’s not what my coach thinks and I thought people would think I was being a drama queen :sweat:


Not for speaking your mind. :sunglasses:


:sweat_smile: thanks for making me feel better


Sports are also about team spirit, if your coach does not teach you this, then he is the one who failed. :confused:


When I was 13, a boy harassed me. He’d follow me everywhere, and try to kiss me. Always hugging me, made comments about my breasts, and basically tried to touch me. I was in 7th grade, he was in 8th grade. According to most people, we were “dating”… (We were not.) Recently, I learned that harassment is a form of molestation. Technically, I was molested. Now I see myself as impure, dirty, and whatnot. The thing is… I haven’t… Told my family yet… I never did. I’ve only shared it once on here, and told a few people. I have nightmares and bad dreams about him coming back and raping me. I get flashbacks and anxiety attacks. I look over my shoulder sometimes… I don’t trust people easily and I’m often depressed. It’s my most traumatic memory so I hate even thinking about it. I’m trying to be a little open, but even that scares me… I sometimes think that he’ll come back. That he’s nearby… I thank my friend for saving me from assault…

clears throat I will go and cry now.


Uh… I’m not a fan of tight hugs… please…


Oh, oh. Sorry. I get why… lets go


Oh my god, im so sorry! I’m not going to ask if you’re fine now but this makes me so sad. Don’t think of yourself as a dirty human, because it’s never your fault. If I saw him I karate chop his ass. But i hope you will regain being the great person you are, not like you still aren’t one. :heart::heartbeat:


Heh, I feel inscecure even writing this, but it’s not that big compared to other secrets people have revealed. But I have a crush on a boy from my work and I’m too scared to make a move cause I’m the most awkward person alive. I’m really worried that if I did and he rejected me, we’d have the awkwardness of working together. So idk what to do :joy:


Oh i see the problem of awkwardness if he rejects


Thank you. And I’m trying to as well. I still don’t have a boyfriend but uh…


No problem, you don’t need a boyfriend. But if you really like someone, don’t be scared because not everyone is like that :heart:


My therapist told me that.


well maybe i’m secretly your therapist


big shrug


@amberose just here to read everyone’s secrets. I felt like I had to contribute something :joy:


I should do my own but gosh, I have too many and need to figure out the right one to share to fit the atmosphere


Lmao, I want to know a secret from u :joy::joy:


Spill the beans!