Revenge Story Name?


Hi, I’m creating a revenge themed story on Limelight, and I can’t seem to figure out a name. Please help me, and thank you!


One way or another?

Got it from the song haha


One way or Another… That’s not bad.


What else is going to be in the story? I might be able to come up with more ideas if I know :slight_smile: :bulb:


What’s the plot?



The story will include customization. The story is about a girl who plans to take down the couple who murdered her sister 2 years ago. Your character is going to choose whether to help the girl, or the villain(s).


Here’s some ideas:
-Sister Bonds
-Sweet Sibling
-(A ) Sisters Revenge
-Rest In Payback

Love, Sky xx

  • Sisterhood
  • Saving _____ (sister’s name there)
  • Bloody Revenge
  • 2 Years Later


Oooh, “Rest in Payback” is a great one! I love “A Sister’s Revenge”, too! “Sisterhood” and “Bloody Revenge” as well!


OMG, I never thought of that one!


I’m not sure. But I will create a poll, to decide.





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