Revenge Story Name?

Hi, I’m creating a revenge themed story on Limelight, and I can’t seem to figure out a name. Please help me, and thank you!

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One way or another?

Got it from the song haha

One way or Another… That’s not bad.

What else is going to be in the story? I might be able to come up with more ideas if I know :slight_smile: :bulb:

What’s the plot?


The story will include customization. The story is about a girl who plans to take down the couple who murdered her sister 2 years ago. Your character is going to choose whether to help the girl, or the villain(s).

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Here’s some ideas:
-Sister Bonds
-Sweet Sibling
-(A ) Sisters Revenge
-Rest In Payback

Love, Sky xx

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  • Sisterhood
  • Saving _____ (sister’s name there)
  • Bloody Revenge
  • 2 Years Later
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Oooh, “Rest in Payback” is a great one! I love “A Sister’s Revenge”, too! “Sisterhood” and “Bloody Revenge” as well!


OMG, I never thought of that one!

I’m not sure. But I will create a poll, to decide.


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