Reverse a background [closed due to picture found by me]


I am using the EXT. FOOTBALL STADIUM STAGE - DAY background for my graduation flashback scene, and when the Principal is speaking to them all they are all idle_rear as they are facing the stage, however I want to then switch the camera view so it is on them as I pan across their faces as the Principal is congratulating them as a class, I have looked at the backgrounds in the art catalog and there doesn’t seem there is anything close to something that will look like back of the stadium. I would prefer if someone would be able to help with suggestion on what is available that can work as at the moment I am over waiting so long for approval of stuff that I rather just use something straight away, please.

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When you say switching the background/view do you mean simply flipping the background (mirror image) or an Over-The-Shoulder shot? If you’re using INK then their should be a template for it when you enter your script.

Using Limelight and I mean if you envision standing in front of a stage and the cameraman is standing behind you so the viewers see the rear of you then to capture your emotions the cameraman stands in front of you which means the stage is behind him. So I am looking for something that would resemble what would be at the back of the stadium. I found a sports field one but I didn’t realise it was a loop, even though it didn’t say loop. So I am just trying to be creative. Pity Episode didn’t just have a plan old carpark. Doesn’t have to be a lot of detail to the background since the camera is zoomed on the characters.

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So, you found something? :blush:

Yes a campus quad, I can have the characters block the campus just have the trees and the blue sky behind them recreates that look of the other end of the stadium.

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