Reverse Speed-Dating ~ Official RP

Reverse Speed-Dating

So, 14 couples show up for a socialising (speed dating) session, thinking they’re here to meet other couples and liven up their relationship, to help fix any problems the pair might be having. What they realise is that as soon as everyone arrives, the door closes and is locked, and they must partake in Speed-Dating individually. Most couples there are not perfect for each other BUT their “soul-mate” is in the room with them and they must discover who it is. You’ll get seven rounds of Speed-Dating to talk to everyone, and after each round, you choose who you think it might be and sit at a table with them. If they’re your “soul-mate” then the table lamp will light up.
Just make sure to find EVERYONE’s “soul-mate” within all the rounds, OR you’ll be stuck in the room FOREVER! (evil laugh)

Please read ALL the information below before signing up!

RP Rules

This will be an RP with some SG elements. I will SG (write for) all your characters during certain points, such as the beginning and after each round of speed dating.
Rules -

  1. Standard [roleplaying rules](Start here: Rules to the SG & RP Subcategory) apply!
  2. Be active and able to reply at least once a day. You don’t have to be overly active, waiting for people is all gravy since we live all over the world! But once a day is all I ask. Please tell me if you can’t.
  3. To counter number 2, please don’t be TOO active. No back-to-backs (when two people continue to reply to each other over a few hours)! I dislike them because the posts lose quality and don’t really enhance the story much! So not more than 4-5 posts in a row.
  4. Write in the third person, please try not to have the character be you and write in the first person. If you write in the first person then it makes weird and harder to have stuff happen to your character, because it feels like we’re doing it to you.
  5. Write in the past tense, that way the story is logical and easy to follow.
  6. Keep posts to a reasonable length. A long one is fine, just not every time, else people will tire and not read them all. Too short and you’re not giving the other writer much to work with. Try to write at least four lines, not sentences (that’s about 9-10 lines on a mobile device).
  7. In saying that, please try to post all your characters’ posts, as well as their follow-up replies, into just one post at a time (if you can). This keeps the thread tidy and it’s kind to your fellow RPers. If someone has to go and is away for 12 hours, then there is nothing more daunting than returning to see 20-100 new posts. If you can condense 2-4 character posts in one, it’ll be so much easier.
  8. Do NOT share your character’s information with RPers, only share in character inside the story. As it’ll make it more fun!
  9. Feel free to ask me ANY questions in chat!
  10. Please write your character’s location next to their name in every post. It just makes it easier for me (and everyone) to keep track of them. For example:

Name of character || Table #

  1. I will be adding little hints as per usual, but don’t read into them too much! (wink:)

This will, again, be an RP with some SG elements. There will be certain things that I will write for you, but you’ll see how that is later.

As for the rules, I’m going to be strict and implement a “three strikes and you’re out” system. You will get two to three warnings (depending on how nice I feel), then you will be removed from the RP if you continue, and your characters may just be put up for adoption.

The RP structure

It starts with arriving, as you’ll see below. Then go to your assigned tables and take a seat.
When the first round starts, you will have one (real-life) day to talk to the person your sitting in front of (only 1-4 posts each). If you can’t/don’t post, then I will SG it at the end of the day before ringing the bell and you move to the next table.
After the round finishes, the 14 characters who were doing the moving around will then quickly choose who they think their “soul-mate” is and sit in front of them. I will work the table lamps, turning on the lamps for “soul-mates”.
Then the next round will continue until the “soul-mates” are found or the rounds end.

Do NOT share your character’s guilty pleasure, as I have plans for them.

This thread should be used for general chat, so we don’t crowd the RP with out of characters chats (OOC or ORP).




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Caliope (wink)


A man stood at the front of the almost empty room, in front of 14 empty tables, the only door to his left. He was young, probably in his late twenties, but he had a look of a senior still going through puberty. His scruffy red hair hung down over his ears, which meant he also had to keep blowing it out of his eyes. This is despite his thick green-rimmed spectacles that helped to frame his acne-covered face. His buttondown white shirt was unironed and only partially tucked into his khaki shorts. They showed off his knobbly knees and scrawny legs with long, unevenly spread hair. As if it couldn’t get any worse, to add insult to injury, he was wearing white socks with hiking sandals.
This rather sad human did have a name though. Stuck to the middle of his shirt was a red and white name tag. It read, “Simon Mclaughlin.”
Simon looked around the room, to each corner, where there stood four bulky men wearing black polo shirts, ripped denim jeans, and black shades. The two in the corners closest to Simon were rippled with muscles and looked like they should be Pro-wrestlers rather than bodyguards. The other two, however, at the opposite corners of the room, were large Samoan men. They looked like they were regular visitors to well-known fast-food franchises, but still, you wouldn’t want to mess with them.
Mere seconds later, Simon looked toward the door at the sound of the first voices entering the room.

In walked Avery Hartford. BEEP! Followed moments later by another beep and his (almost) shadow, Tamara Arrington. He wore brand new Levi’s with a red polo shirt, while she also wore Levi’s but they were skinnies. With that, she had on a grey jacket over a white flowy top and black ankle boots. Topping off this ensemble with a gold necklace and a couple of bracelets. Being the first ones there, they quietly walked toward the opposite wall from the door. Avery stopped and looked at Tamara, whose eyes were on the floor. They may not be committed to each other, only dating, though Avery wanted more. And secretly, Tamara thought she wanted that too. It was New York, they met, but with busy jobs and lives, they were still new, still dating. Months of dating but only a handful of dates. Then before he could try to make them something, Tamara suddenly up and left. Left the country, went back home, home to Canada. Now, this was his chance to see if they could get to know each other, if it was worth making a go of it. Tamara wasn’t sure why she came, maybe he intrigued her or maybe love was another dream she shouldn’t have.

BEEP! Shanna Cain walked in and immediately noticed Avery’s strong build. Before she could even take a step toward them, there was another beep. Shanna swivelled round and saw Ciana Dawn Elenate in all her glory. Dressed to impress, she wore a boho-chic A-line red dress that flowed out from her waist. Compared to Shanna, she was ready to stun, even if that’s not entirely how she felt. Shanna, however, wore tight pink dress pants and a loosely tucked white shirt, which was cuffed up to her elbow. All with beige heels. Shanna and Ciana met in London, on a one in a million chance, back in 2012. Shanna was competing in her first Olympics, while Ciana, through hard work and determination, had been very lucky to win a trip to London to see two Olympic events. None were Shanna’s events, of course. Their meet-cute happened even more randomly, when both were visiting the Tower of London. The connection was, surprisingly, instant, and they’ve been together ever since. This term is used loosely, as they have barely spent much time in the same room together, consisting mainly of a technological relationship. This was there chance to see each in person, which is why they stood there awkwardly staring now.

BEEP BEEP! In behind Ciana, walked Jakub Kowalczyk and Dakota Quinn, she clinging to his arm a little too much. He didn’t seem too bothered though, in his blue button-down shirt that was tucked into black jeans. A grey blazer over top and smart-looking sneakers just to appear more casual. Likewise, Dakota was dressed just as casually elegant, in a light blue, off the shoulder, skater-style dress with white ballet flats. Although her hair was pulled back into a braid, she did have a splash of pastel-coloured paint in her hair from painting earlier. Despite having only been dating a month, they were living together. With Dakota’s financial situation, Jakub had kindly put her up, but it had not helped his custody battle. However, Dakota still wanted to know him more and Jakub wanted to see if he could make that true connection again. Before making their way further into the room, in the middle of the square of red-tableclothed tables, she did take notice of the tall, dark stranger (Avery) standing near the opposite wall.

In strode Annalise Kingsley confidently, with Adrian Lucas Dawson hot on her tail, after another couple of innocuous beeps. They’d just arrived after landing not that long ago, but from their apparel, you never would have guessed. Annalise wore a tight-fitting, long maroon dress with matching heels and her hair in a neat but elegant updo. Adrian was in a smart blue suit, no tie, and very white sneakers. For over a year, since both had finished university, Adrian still had an effect on her. He was still able to calm and convince her to cross the Atlantic to improve their communication, and in turn, their relationship. Striving to succeed and becoming the best they can be, was not more important for one of them. For at least one of them, their relationship was just as important. Adrian looked at the two women (Ciana and Shanna) who were in front of him, he looked them up and down, thinking they were very beautiful. Fortunately, when he turned back to Annalise, he realised she hadn’t seen him looking, but that’s because she was already walking away. She stopped at the table in the corner, with a one in its centre, as well as a headlight-like dome too. She sat and Adrian joined her, seeing his name on a nametag on the table in front of his chair.

Next to set off two beeps was Gerald Miller and Cecelia Summersberry. They were arm in arm, him looking rather prideful in his navy tuxedo with a white scarf draped across the back of his neck. Cecelia looked just as elegant in her full-lace camisole top. With it, she wore a white sarong skirt patterned with a blue design print. It almost had a greek feel to it. Their clothes were the only thing that matched when you looked at them, as their age was the main difference. Though for Gerald, this was usual. It was purely a short-lived physical thing for the past two weeks, while he had business to attend to in Washington DC. Why did he come here then? Gerald looked around the room as the walked further inside, his eyes drifting between Annalise, Ciana, and Shanna. He was also looking at Adrian and Jakub, but more subtly, not wanting anyone to notice that. Cecelia was amazed that they were here but at the same time, wasn’t sure why. When she found the event online and suggested it to Gerald, she wasn’t quite sure if she knew her reasoning behind it.

Gazing at Cecelia’s back as Montell Garrett walked in with Atlas Sims. Beep beep. Atlas beamed and went for Montell’s hand once walking through the door. Montell pulled away at the slightest touch, he wasn’t one for handholding, at least not when it wasn’t on his terms. He wore a new dapper suit with a tight white T-shirt and aviators. The blazer and pants were tinted with a dull green/blue colour in a subtle grey check pattern. Atlas, on the other hand, was wearing a tight black shirt, which was tucked into his belted olive green jeans. They were both dressed rather well for two people who had met in a shelter. Neither were doing the best financially, but together they realised they could afford to rent a small place to live. It was months though before anything happened, but it was Montell who started it. It’s Montell who starts everything, taking what he wants and not leaving Atlas the chance to do what he wants. As they walked over to the far side, Atlas knew that after all this time, this was his chance to turn the tables.

Alba Guadalupe Ubiñas led the way through the door with her fingers laced through Charlotte Black’s. Beep … Beep. She didn’t stop leading until they reached the centre of the tables, then she turned to face Charlotte, still holding her hand. Charlotte looked beautiful in her long, off the shoulder, deep red dress that was longer at the back. Alba was in something darker but just as classy. A black pencil sheath dress that gave her an hourglass figure; the dress was styled like a modern day business suit. Together they looked like a power couple, even though they were both medical students in Washington. That’s where they met, two years ago, at college. It was love at first sight, well, at least each other’s first love anyway. Everything between them had been quick, even their engagement. So was it all true, or just the rush of the moment they’re in. That’s why they both came here, to figure things out. Neither one knew if it was the real deal or if it was just how they felt, all because they were each other’s firsts.

Beep beep. Olivia Currie and Samantha Mae Simmons entered the room together. As Samantha started surveying the scene, she spotted Alba, the tanned beauty, looking her up and down. Then Olivia looped her arm through Samantha’s and gripped her hand, causing Samantha to turn and give Olivia a smile. She thought Olivia looked quite ravishing in her high-waisted, form-fitting, stonewashed jeans, accompanied with a bra-like top, which was joined together with a mesh crop top. Samantha’s attire, however, was a little more shapeless. As she had on a black, spaghetti strap dress with a green sweater vest over top. Thrown together with black heels as well. A cute couple, for a pair who had only been dating since Samantha had started covering for one of Olivia’s colleagues on maternity leave. The mild arguments and lack of common similarities were the reasons for them being here today. They wanted to see if it was worth giving them (their relationship) a go or not.

Beep beep. Dylan Easton Aylsworth entered the room that now had over a dozen people. He had his arm around Cleo Madeen’s shoulders, his fiancée. The woman he was going to marry, spend the rest of his life with, the love of his life. It was no secret to him that he was having second thoughts, but how would he truly know how he feels when he’s never at their home in West Hollywood. Today was going to give him more answers, he hoped. Dylan looked at Cleo in her short, black strapless dress accompanied with black and gold heels, and gold hooped earrings. Dylan’s style was much more classic, wearing a basic black suit with a white rose in his chest pocket. As for Cleo, she wasn’t too sure why they’d come here, their relationship worked well for her. After all, he didn’t seem to mind social life and erratic behaviour. Yes, it was true that he wasn’t home all that often, but when he was… their relationship worked, especially their physical one, they seemed to tolerate each other rather well. Together, they made their way right around the tables before seeing their name tags and sitting down at table two.

Alison Martin arrived, beep, almost skipping inside the door. She looked around at all the faces gathered in the room. There was one that especially caught her eye, a girl (Cleo), who was definitely beautiful. She was also tall compared to Alison’s short stature. She looked down at herself, at her outfit. She was wearing a simple black sheer top, which covered a detailed bralette with a cute pale pink jacket and skirt. She still wore her iconic pink glasses. Beep. At the sound, Alison turned and saw Yassine Montgomery. He must have just flown in, as he wore his usual casual attire when he had just got off work. He was wearing a white tank top, showing off his Chinese dragon tattoo on right arm and chest. As well as grey sweatpants and black flip-flops. Alison sighed and turned away from him. This was one of the reasons she’d asked for them to attend this event, his laziness to dress for the occasion. It was also because, despite the length of time they’d been in a relationship, he still couldn’t commit to one city. They were still in a long-distance relationship. Did Yassine even want to be with her?

After Alison and Yassine moved further into the room and a couple more beeps, Britt Hansen and Lydia Flores entered the room together, ready to relax and focus on themselves rather than their careers. Britt was wearing a princess scoop, maroon cocktail dress. It had a long-sleeved, lacey top, with a pleated satin skirt. Lydia looked like an angel in her pure white when standing next to Britt. Though her white cocktail dress had a hint of red in its floral pattern, and to finish off the ensemble, she had on caramel heels. In San Diego, California, was where they had a house. Rented, but it is still where they called home, when they’re both there. Lydia was often travelling away for work, while Britt spent extremely long hours at the restaurant. The relationship was not their first priority. But today, here, it was. They’ve come to put it first, help to solve any problems they may have and try to put each other first. Lydia looked around, to see who was actually here to help them. Her eyes fell on Yassine; tall and athletic, just the way she usually liked them. Then she spotted Avery and Tamara, they were one attractive pair. She hoped that she and Britt looked that good too.

Beep beep. Both Ross Freeman and TJ Charles walked into the room with swagger. Both looking too cool to be attending this event, and rather unattached from each other as well. Their eyes were staring intently at the other people in the room. Ross couldn’t help but focus on Adrian in all his cuteness. While TJ’s interest was taken by Tamara, looking so very smart. TJ looked slightly smartly dressed too but rather casual in a long-sleeved, tight-fitting, olive green sweater top with beige dress pants. Ross, on the other hand, was a little more casual in blue jeans, and a loose white T-shirt with an unbuttoned pale blue shirt over top. They were only dating but had known each other for years. Good friends in school actually. In fact, TJ had known Annabelle’s mother and was there for him even after the event. That’s why they’d started dating, they were there for each other. But were they just meant to be friends, or could there be that romantic connection they were both longing to find? They hoped they’d find out today, as they made their way into the room.

As Robert Wilson and Emma McEthan entered, there were another two beeps. Robert and Emma weren’t holding hands, as they weren’t that intimate, but maybe being here could help with that. Robert was watching Emma in her stonewashed skinny jeans with a Gucci belt and tight pastel-coloured shirt. She was beautiful. Emma looked over at Robert, thinking he was a bit overdressed, as he must have been wearing his only suit. It was his navy tuxedo, he was wearing, with a sky blue bowtie. It actually made Emma feel quite underdressed. For the second time in Robert’s life, a relationship happened when he was working. Emma was having a typical L.A. night out and a fancy dinner with friends, and Robert was the restaurant’s pianist. That night was surprising for both of them and there were definitely fireworks. But the problem they faced was communication. Emma was too selfless to focus on the relationship, and Robert can’t help but think about the past and all the similarities to the first time this happened to him.

Beep. Jakolbi Andrews walked in first, around the time that Robert and Emma were staring at each other. He took in all the faces in the room, making notes on any potentials; Adrian, Avery, Jakub, Alba, Ciana, Shanna, Tamara. Today was going to be a good day. Jakolbi was dressed in black jeans and grey tank top with a red checkered shirt over it; all rather casually really. Beep. Lola Jeremy Grace casually walked in minutes later, dressed in a tight green shirt with the cuffs rolled up to his elbows. The shirt was mostly tucked into belted dress shorts. To top off the ensemble, he wore hiking boots and a brown beanie. Walking up behind Jakolbi, he placed a hand on his back and smiled apologetically when he turned to look at him. The smile was returned. Jakolbi and Lola lived together in a place they had co-bought in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Not that Lola was home that often to appreciate it, but that’s okay because they were fine with it. Their relationship was an open one; not only because Lola was away for work a lot of the time, but also because Jakolbi was not one to be monogamous. Yet, they return to each other afterwards. So why were they here if their relationship was okay in their eyes? That’s because the event was found and recommended by a mutual friend.

When all were gathered in the room, the doors closed loudly behind Jakolbi and Lola, causing many to jump. The small man-child up the front, Simon, cleared his throat and took a step forward. His voice was squeaky and also cracked every so often, almost as if it hadn’t broken yet. “Hello. I welcome you to the first Reverse Speed-dating experiment.” He paused for the few claps and cheers. “You all believe that you are here to help to improve your relationships, but that is only partially true. Yes, we… I did bring you here to help with your connections and love life, but not with your partners. In this room, your “soul-mate” has been calculated and you will hopefully find them before time is up, but they may not be the person you came with.” His speech sounded rehearsed, as if he’d been practising for hours in front of the mirror. “The doors are looked and will not be opened, if at all, until all 14 “soul-mates” have been found.” At this, even the guards looked up in confusion of possibly being stuck here. If you are all able to find them, then you will be able to leave the experiment and continue your life with whomever you want. If not, well… that goes without saying." Another pause. “As for the experiment itself, I will explain how it works one everyone takes a seat. Go ahead and do so, please?!”

Right, each character can make one-two posts for sitting down, and possibly complaining, and then I’ll start the round once this has happened. (wink)

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ROBERT WILSON || Table 14 - D ~ with Emma

After hearing what this slightly concerning looking man said, Robert felt a bit stressed. Realizing that in this room might be his soul mate, the love of his life, was terrifying and… unbelievable at the same time.
He started breathing heavily and looked at Emma, trying to read her expression.
Was she not bothered? Or maybe she was scared just like him? It was hard to tell. Robert sighed and fixed his blue bow tie. Everything is going to be fine, everything is going to be fine. He started repeating to himself, trying to reassure and calm down. He slowly headed to the sitting area and wiped the drops of sweat from his forehead.
I knew I shouldn’t have signed up for that. He thought as he sat on one of the chairs and showed her the seat in front of him, smiling slightly, as a gesture encouraging his girlfriend to sit down too.

@Madilnel - mentioned


Gerald || With Cecelia || Table 6-C

Gerald pursed his lips, mainly because he was too busy judging the appearance of the kid infront of them. Couldn’t he find a better attire for this event!
He sighed subtly, then adjusted his blazer and guided his gorgeous date by the elbow to their table. She was beautiful, young, and exactly his type. But he knew that she was only going to last for a month, max. Just like all the fine ladies before her. So he was totally fine with searching for a new date, or soul-mate, having a dozen dates on the same night. It was Great! Hopefully.
Once they were standing next to their table, he walked to the chair where Cecelia’s name tag was placed, and pulled the chair for her.

Britt || With Lydia || Standing in the room

“… but not with your partners. In this room, your “soul-mate” has been calculated and you will hopefully find them before time is up, …”
WTF! Britt was shocked by the announcement, part of her was disappointed and the other part was scared!
She really wanted for their relationship to work, it was the only reason why she agreed to come here tonight. Not to search for another soul-mate! What? She was happy with Lydia, but, Was Lydia happy with her?! She wondered. Is it possible that she knew about this before!
“Did you know about this? I thought we were here to improve our relationship, not search for another partner!” she asked Lydia, fear obvious in her tone.


Charlotte ||With Alba|| Table 8-D

Charlotte was surprised at the announcement. “W…what?” She looked at Alba. “What’s happening Alba? Did we come to a wrong place?” She asked her with a confused look and took a deep breath as she looked down. Maybe this will help us. I don’t know how to feel about our relationship. It was moving really fast. If we seem to get attracted to other people, maybe we are not meant to be together?



Lydia Flores || With Britt || Standing in the room

Hearing the man’s statement, Lydia bit her bottom lip, pretty nervous with the situation. One large part of Lydia felt confused, worried, and partially frustrated. The main reason why her and Britt were attending this event was solely to improve their relationship, since they don’t usually spend a lot of time together. Lydia actually wanted to get closer with Britt, since she liked how the two of them worked out even though they weren’t usually together. She had been waiting for an opportunity like this for a few months, and now it’s turning into something completely different. But a very small part of Lydia felt anxious, yet excited. Not wanting to admit it herself, she actually was quite excited to meet them, get to know them perhaps? No! You can’t think like that.

After getting lost in her thoughts for a few seconds, Lydia snapped back into reality hearing Britt speaking to her. “If I knew what this really was, I definitely would not bring you here purposely. Of course I didn’t know that it would be like this!” She paused, her tone changing into a more reassuring tone, since she noticed that Britt was afraid. “Why don’t you try calming down, just…yeah, let’s try calming down. We don’t even know what’s completely going on at the moment…”

@Miumi.hp - Britt


Alba Guadalupe Ubiñas :wilted_flower:

Table 8-C | with Charlotte

Alba took a good look around the room. The chairs, the fancy decor… it was odd. And not what she signed up for. She placed a hand on Charlotte’s shoulder and rubbed with her thumb for comfort before going and checking the door. “It’s locked,” Alba turned and stated to her fiancé. The only way out is through, it seems…

Alba was semi-confident in her relationship with Charlotte. She was the furthest she’s ever been with someone. She doesn’t regret a thing, but… everything is new to her. intimacy, marriage… love. Maybe something was wrong with their relationship.

Oh please, like statistics can determine my soul-mate. Alba thought to herself as she took Charlotte’s hand again with her head held high and led each other to a table with their names.


lol our table is a smile


Dylan || With Cleo || Table 2-C
Dylan’s face was neutral but inside he was confused, soul-mate? He had a fiancee, he already had one…right? What should he do? Demand an ansewer? Grab Cleo and try to rush out the doors? It was too late now, so he just sat down and kept quiet and noticed Cleo with her head in her hands. Dylan already had love, right? With Cleo, right? He reached his hand across the table and took her hand in his. “Hey,” he whispered. “It’s going to be O.K. Just relax we’ll find out about all this soon.” He said trying to comfort her although he was a master liar he knew himself it was not going to be O.K, and that he needed to find out more about this. Fast. “Take your head out of your hands, and look up.” He whispered. “You’re a strong person, show it.”


Avery || Table 3-B || Tamara

His face openly showed his confusion when the scrawny man up front said things about ‘soulmates.’ What? Tamara. . . Wasn’t his soulmate? He’d meant this for them to grow together. Not to find out that he apparently wasn’t with his soulmate or whatever. But, he couldn’t lie, he was. . . somewhat intrigued. What if what that man said was actually true? Someone in this room was his soulmate. Soulmates is a big thing. But, he thought Tamara was his love. Would that be proven wrong? “Hey,” he said softly, reaching for Tamara’s hand, “Tam. What are your ideas on this thing?”


Emma McEthan || Table 14C || w/ Robert
The doors are looked and will not be opened, if at all, until all 14 “soul-mates” have been found.’ Emma was a little in shook. This was definitely what she expected to be at and was now a little concerned with what she got herself and Robert into. She let herself look around a little at all the others who were in the same situation as herself. She looked back to Robert when she heard him sigh. She gave him a reassuring smile but then looked away to get a read on the others in the room. Some looked worried and others seemed calm. She wondered if anyone knew about this when signing up or were they just as clueless are her. She thought though, how this could make for a great story time video and her subscribers would love to hear about the whole night. Moments later she found her self walking towards her boyfriend. He had a small smile as he gestured to the seat across from him. She rubbed her hands on her jeans as she sat in the chair and waited to hopefully learn more.



Samantha Simmons || With Olivia Currie || Table 9-B

Perplexed. She completely and utterly perplexed. There was no logical way that this could make sense to her or even be true. Soulmates? Was this suppose to be some sort of joke? If so, she did not find it funny. There was a small frown on her face as she observed the people stuck in the room with her. A moment later, Olivia had looped her arm with Sam’s and gripped her hand. Her head instinctively turned to the side to look at her and smile reassuringly. It was difficult to believe that someone other than the beautiful woman next to her was her soulmate. Especially since that person was in the exact same room.
She supposed that it made sense though-- they often argued and didn’t have too much in common if they were honest with themselves. They often had trouble going through with their relationship. Samantha figured that it all seemed so irrational because, if anything, she was… scared. What if her own soulmate didn’t like her? After all, she was aware that at times… she was slightly arrogant. Overall, she knew there wasn’t too much about her that people seemed to normally like or find attractive.
“Wait, do we get multiple tries to see if someone is our ‘soulmate’…? If so, we could perhaps be done in five or ten minutes. Just skip the speed dating and guarantee that we get out with enough time,” she said, more so to herself and Olivia as the two sat down.

@episode.loverr - Olivia


Annalise II With Adrian II Table 1-B
Annalise raised her eyebrow, perplexed, soulmates wasn’t necessarily something she believed in. But she did know one thing, Adrian was the one she walked in with, her partner and she had no idea how she was going to react if he left with someone else holding his hand. Maybe sadness, maybe… something else.
She glanced towards the opposite side of the table, trying to read him, does he believe this is really real? How can, what, a few dozen people just be brought together and all of a sudden we’re soulmates? Her eyes darted effortlessly around the room reading confused faces, and then to the locked doors, there was no way getting out of here unless we played the odd man’s game, and she was going to play along.
She smirked, “Well, this is going to be interesting.”


Olivia Currie | Table 9-A | With Samantha Simmons

Olivia and Samantha walked in together, Olivia scanned the busy but empty room. There’s was some tables in a square formation and a man standing up front. She linked her arm through Samantha’s which caused Samantha to turn and give her a smile. She smiled back then they continued to try and find their table.
They both listened to what this man had to say. She could quite put her finger on it but there was something very off putting about this guy. She shrugged it off not thinking too much into it and waited until he finished talking.

So my soulmate is in this room, there’s only about thirty of us here, how does that even add up. Oh well, this should be fun. She thought to herself, it didn’t even come up in her mind at the fact there was a huge possibility Samantha might not be her soulmate, although, the arguments and uncommon similarities did add up to the relationship eventually not working out. As they sat down she listened to what Samantha had to say. She giggled and rolled her eyes. “How would someone possibly find their soulmate in under ten minutes, there’s like thirty people in here Sam.” She smiled then started to scan the room, one of these people may be her ‘soulmate’.



Adrian Lucas Dawson || with Annalise || Table 1-A

The moment when the man said, "But they may not be the person you came with.”, his heart dropped. He felt the need to apologize to Anna for putting them in this situation. Adrian took her hand and held it gently. “I’m sorry for this, Anna.” Adrian whispered.
They’ve literally kidnapped us. Adrain thought while rolling his eyes. The only way out is if we play this stupid game. How can he even do this? What right does he have, toying with our partners and emotions? Once the man had finished his speech, Adrian patted all his pockets, to check for his phone, but couldn’t find it. Damn, I must’ve left it at home…
He checked his watch for the time but before he could read it, Annalise spoke.
“Well, this is going to be interesting.”
“I, uh, suppose that’s one way to put it.”

@Sabes - Annalise Kingsley


:thought_balloon: Tamara Arrington :thought_balloon: with Avery Hatford :thought_balloon: Table 3-A :thought_balloon:

For the first time since they entered the room, Tamara looked up at Avery, eyes wide. She hardly believed what she was hearing. She came here with Avery… but she might not leave with him? She watched his hand reach for hers and she took it, trying to ingrain in her memory the feeling of his hand in hers. She liked how his hand felt and she liked how he made her feel… like there was still pieces of Old Tamara left. She didn’t know if she was ready to let that go. “I… I don’t know.” Maybe this is for the best, she thought. I should’ve known better than to get attached—we would’ve never worked out. Tamara sighed and pulled her hand out of his, hugging herself. She wished upon wish that she hadn’t agreed to this, that she wasn’t trapped in this room with Avery and all these strangers; anything would be better than this. Is this even allowed? “I… I guess we should accept the fact that we aren’t meant to be together.” Tamara laughed bitterly, her eyes studying the patterns of the floor.


:dna: Jakub Kowalczyk :dna: with Dakota Quinn :dna: Table 5-B :dna:

Shiiiiiiiiiiit, Jakub cursed in his head. Out of all the days he could’ve been trapped in a room for speed dating, it had to be today. He whipped his phone out and composed a text to his ex-wife, saying that he was (probably) going to be late to pick up their daughter today. He knew she would call him later and yell at him for disappointing his daughter yet again, and tell him to prioritize, but he could deal with that more than he could deal with her reaction if he pulled a no show (she was livid that time). Jakub pressed the send button, dismayed to see the ‘Not Delivered’ notification. In the top left corner of his phone, he read the words ‘No Sevice’ and nearly threw his phone onto the floor. Nothing he will say to his daughter, Adrijana or his ex-wife will make either of them any less pissed than they are going to be. He shouldn’t have agreed to go to this the same day he had to get Adrijana in the first place. What a mess, he thought to himself. He glanced across the table at Dakota, a sigh escaping his lips. “Well, I do hope we get on with this,” he said, his Polish accent dotting his words. “I’ve got other places to get to.”



Annalise Kingsley || With Adrian || Table 1-B

"I, uh, suppose that’s one way to put it."
Anna’s eyes darted away from the faces she was reading and back to Adrians.
Her heart warmed as she faced him, she trusted Adrian more than anyone, and that was saying something. When she thought about him against all the other peculiar faces she was more and more convinced about how ridiculous their situation was. But, she’d just have to work with it, she’s done it many times before and she’ll do it again.
Everything was going to be just fine.
She squeezed his hand lovingly and smiled at him cheekily, “Hey, don’t worry, maybe next time we’ll just get a pizza instead.”


Adrian Lucas Dawson || with Annalise || Table 1-A

“Hey, don’t worry, maybe next time we’ll just get a pizza instead.”
He chuckled at her comment. As she gave her sweet smile, he smiled back, with a bit of dread hidden.
“Do you really think we’ll get out of here? Some of his people have rings, Anna. I hope everyone just plays along like I will, for now. I, uh, won’t mean any of it, don’t worry!”
He looked at the locked door longingly. He never wanted to get out of a room as much as he did today. His face managed to curl back into his loving smile as he faced Annalise back. “What if we get stuck here? We have so much ahead of us.” Adrian said, while thinking about what they could’ve done before. “Anyway, if we ever want him to explain, we should probably be quiet.” He said with a bit of sadness in his eyes and faced Simon.

@Sabes - Annalise Kingsley


Shanna Cain and Ciana Dawn Elenate || Table 4 - @ScarletSwanHunter & @AnimeOtome
They continued to stand there awkwardly, right up until Simon started speaking. What he had said about possibly being trapped, struck fear into Ciana. She actually started to tremor. Not only was she in front of the person that she only saw one or twice a year, if that, and now, she was tuck in a room with no way out. She looked over at Shanna who wasn’t giving anything away, she didn’t know if she was scared, annoyed or something else. But with a completely level voice, Shanna looked at her and said, “Come on, let’s sit down and hear this boy out.” Ciana nodded, not saying anything to try to keep her fear in check, and moved passed her to find their seats.

Dakota Quinn || Table 5 - A - @Littlefeets
Dakota’s eyes widened as she heard the information they were all given from Simon, the odd look dude. Unsure of what to do or say, she stood there and watched as Jakub stood there and comprised a message. “Well, I do hope we get on with this,” he said, his Polish accent dotting his words. “I’ve got other places to get to.”
She nodded before replying, “No, I don’t want to be in here for long either. So maybe we should go find a seat to hurry this along?!” They walked over to the table with their name tags and she asked, “Were you checking on Adrijana?” Dakota knew who Adrijana was, of course, but hadn’t had much contact with her. She thought that maybe Jakub was ashamed of her.

Cecelia Summersberry || Table 6 - D - @ScarletSwanHunter
Cecelia let herself be guideed to the table by gerald, but let loose as she did. “Are You Bloody Kidding Me? We’re Trapped In Here?!”, Cecelia asked rhetorically, at rather a loud volume. “You Can’t Find A Match By Talking, I Don’t Get It!” Gerald pulled at her chair where her name was and she looked at the name curiously as she took a seat. “Thank you, Gerry, but I have a question. How do they know my name?”

Montell Garrett and Atlas Sims || Table 7 - @ScarletSwanHunter
After Simon had finished speaking, Montell cursed allowed, “Oh, for FUCK’s sake.” He saw his name tag on a nearby table and went over to it. Grabbing his chair, he threw it back in rage, almost causing it to fall to the ground. Dumping himself down into it, Atlas followed suit, excepting more carefully.
“Could be worse,” Atlas joked light-heartedly, after sitting down in his chair. “The room could start filling with water.” Montell glared at him, almost staring stright through him.

Alison Martin and Yassine Montgomery || Table 10 - @Daisy_Flower1 & @YassineCool
When Alison heard that this was not the type of event she thought it was, part of couldn’t help but feel a little intrigued. This sounded like a challenge to her, and she was definitely up for the challenge. Wanting to get away from Mr I’m-Too-Lazy-To-Wear-Nice-Clothes, she practically skipped off to find her table.
Feeling shy around all these strangers, Yassine didn’t say anything to Simon’s speech, he wasn’t quite sure he believed what had believed it. He looked toward the doors and they were closed, for sure. So he turned back round, stood up tall, and followed Alison quietly.

Ross Freeman and TJ Charles || Table 12 - @Littlefeets & @CrazyCaliope
Ross and TJ had made their way over to the table with their name tags on it before the strange-looking guy up front starting talking. During the speech, TJ realised he was going to lose it and began breathing in slow and deep. In… Out… In… Out…
Looking across from him, Ross noticed what was happening with TJ and leaned over the table to put a hand on him. Ross whispered, “Don’t worry, I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere.”

Jakolbi Andrews and Lola Jeremy Grace || Table 13 - @Madilnel & @CrazyCaliope
Lola rolled his eyes, knowing that if he had to, he could get out of here. It was the talking to others that he wasn’t keen on. Noticing other people were looking specifically at tables, he headed off to find theirs.
Jakolbi turned his head to see Lola walking off and called, “Wait up, Lols.” Then he followed to grab his own seat.
Lola didn’t stop until he got to his seat. He only mumbled a reply, “Please don’t call me that, Jack.”

Once everyone had found their seat, the man-child started reciting his monologue again, “Okay, this is rather simple, almost exactly the same as normal speed-dating, except you’re given seven rounds to find your “soul-mate”. At the end of every round, the ones moving will get to choose whom they think their “soul-mate” is and if they’re correct then the table lamp with light up.” He paused a moment as if to remember his lines. “As for each round, there are five minutes per conversation and then I’ll ring the bell.” he held up the cowbell in his hand. “One person per table will be doing the moving around all 14 tables until you return to the start. So, starting with the table your sitting at when I ring the bell, and then when I ring it a second time, seats and A and C will move clockwise round every five minutes. Have fun!”
Simon rang the bell!

Let’s go. Each character can make one-five posts with the current person your sitting with, then I’ll ring the cowbell tomorrow. (wink)

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ROBERT || with Emma || Table 14 - D

Robert was listening to the very eccentric man carefully, starting to feel worse and worse with his every word. I’m definitely not ready for this. He thought and rubbed the back of his hand.
Suddenly the bell rang… Robert gulped from the scariness and touched his breast, breathing out to calm himself down.
He looked at Emma… Was she calm? Scared? Or maybe… Happy? No… it can’t be possible, I mean she loves me, right? I’m her soulmate… And I’m going to prove that. He smiled slightly, feeling less stressed.
”So… Hey! My name is Robert Wilson. I’m 25 years old. I’m also a pianist. Now tell me more about yourself?” He said sarcastically and rested his head on his fist, looking at Emma with the fake curious face. He nodded a few times, waiting for her to answer.
This is ridiculous… He said to himself and rolled his eyes.



Britt || With Lydia || Table 11-A

Britt felt partially relieved when she heard Lydia stating that this was not her intention. She took a deep breath, obviously not feeling comfortable in this place.
“Why don’t you try calming down, just…yeah, let’s try calming down. We don’t even know what’s completely going on at the moment…”
Britt answered with a hand on her hip, eyes shifting through the room, and she let out a big sigh: “I’m trying to!”
She then headed towards to table with their names on it, sat in her place, and was not feeling comfortable at all with how close they were to that guy with green glasses.
“I don’t like this at all.” She stated in a whisper, while gritting her teeth.
She listened as he spoke for the second time, not quite sure what he meant, so she asked: “So, are we supposed to guesss who our soul mates are before talking to them or what? Or are you saying that we will be asked at the very end, after getting to know everyone for five minutes?”
She then complained, “Jesus! You can’t even say hi to another person in five minutes! What is this?”

Gerald || With Cecelia || Table 6-C

“I thought you gave them our names when you signed us up for this!” he said with a subtly raised brow, as he pushed her seat and proceeded to sit in his own.
“There’s no need to be nervous, he can’t keep us here for long. It’ll cause him lawsuits for a lifetime.” He stated confidently. He was a well known lawyer, and he always kept a planner on his desk, if he didn’t show up tomorrow, everyone will be alarmed, and they’ll know where to look for him.
As for her other question, he wasn’t too sure about it as well. He never believed in matches. He always believed monogamy and serious relationships were useless. He was always a free bird, enjoying the good things in life.
He heard the bell, and decided to have fun! This was a game, and he never had problem with picking up girls, so he was determined on winning it.
“Tell me more about yourself Cecelia. You are undeniably beautiful, and you have all your life ahead of you. So how are you planning on spending it?”

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