Reverse Speed-Dating ~ Official RP

TJ Charles || Table 8 - C
TJ listened to what she was saying this place felt like, though he wasn’t as interested as he had been in his previous conversation with Sam. He had to interrupt when she said, “It’s not really like a prison cell since we are getting to at least hang out with others…"
“Hey, that’s not entirely true. Prisoners get to converse with the other inmates unless they’re being punished in isolation.”
After asking his second question, she answered, “Oh, he looks good. … Alba is at Table 4-C now.”
“Yeah… he’s alright, a good mate,” TJ muttered almost under his breath. Then he turned to find Alba. “Ah, she’s beautiful…” He turned back around quickly. “Ju… Just like you.”

@jiya.episode - Charlotte Black
@Daunt - Samantha Simmons (mentioned)

Atlas Sims || Table 4 - D
Avery laughed at the joke and Atlas beamed. He was ecstatic to make someone laugh, as it didn’t happen all that often. What came next was a string of questions, which were dispersed with laughter and smiles. “So, uh, what do you like to do? Start off simple?” He gave a small smile. “Also, where you’re from? I’m from New York. And for me I like reading. Call me crazy,” he said with a laugh. “Half of my friends hate reading.”
Atlas paused a moment before speaking with a huge grin upon his face. “Alright Crazy. Well, I’m from the opposite side of the country to you, in California, and I like to perform comedy mainly. But working out and going to the theatre is cool too. Also, I make horrible science puns but only periodically.” His grin got even bigger with that last pun.

@CrazygirldY_dY_dY - Avery Hartford
@ScarletSwanHunter - Atlas Sims


Charlotte Black || Table 8 - D

Charlotte noticed him being a little distracted and interrupting her. “Hey, that’s not entirely true. Prisoners get to converse with the other inmates unless they’re being punished in isolation.”
“Ehhh… I guess.” She chuckled and looked at him. “Am I boring you? You seem a little distracted.” She chuckled once again as she asked him. If one thing I am sure about, that is he’s not my soulmate. She noticed him muttering something but couldn’t quite make what it was. She decided to just leave it and not force him to talk. “Ah, she’s beautiful…”
“Yeah, she is.” She shrugged. “Ju… Just like you.”
She chuckled at his compliment and smiled at him. “Thank you. You look very handsome too.”



Samantha Simmons || With Lola || Table 9-B

A smile appeared on her face at his response. “Well, that’s nice. It would be a little awkward to talk with someone who absolutely hated the idea of this.” Her eyes shifted as she scanned the room slowly.
“I have to agree though. It’s too difficult for me to believe that this is legitimate. But anyway, do you mind me asking what you like to do? You know, since you want to take this seriously. That man,” she tilted her head in Simon’s direction, “is bound to ring the bell pretty soon, I would imagine.” She had a feeling that she already knew whether or not he’d be her ‘soulmate’. Granted, it was difficult to judge. After all, what experience did she have with speed dating or finding her soulmate? But… nonetheless. Lola seemed to be a friendly guy, though.

@CrazyCaliope Lola


Alison Martin ~ Table 1-D || With Emma

A smile spreads across Alison’s face as she shakes Emma’s hand.
“It’s Emma, and it’s nice to meet you too. And where’s home for you?” She asks as we shake hands. I reposition my glasses on top of my head before placing my hand back into my lap and replying to her.
“I’m from Brooklyn. How about you?”
As far as first impressions go, Emma seemed like a genuinely nice person. Alison thought whilst waiting for a response.

@Madilnel - Emma


Sorry guys, I know many of you have either posted or told me you can’t this week 'cause of real life (and thank you so much to those who have). … However, still only 12 characters, who I’m not writing for, have posted, even though I gave you three days this time. So far I’ve written for 7 characters, leaving another 9 that I (or someone) haven’t made a post for yet. I know we all have lives (trust me, I know, as I don’t even know where I’ll be in the next week or two), but I don’t want to be that annoying person who is always making reminder posts.

So, with that being said, what do you want to see happen?

  • Cancel/close this RP
  • Make it an SG
  • Temporary break until the end of June
  • Please just continue and I’ll post more
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Okay, so based on the poll above, I’ll be turning this RP into an SG. Sorry for any inconvenience.
You all have until the end of the month to get your answers in, but if they’re all in sooner then I’ll start sooner. In saying that, if I don’t hear from you in a week, not even a like of this post, then I’ll guess you’re forfeiting your characters and they’ll be adopted out.

Now, what I need from you:

What questions would your characters ask and how would they act with the people below?

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Just need last few characters to answer questions above and then I can get onto this.