"Reversed" background help?


Alright, so you guys know the background INT. CAFE OL - DAY?

This background!

Well, I kina need to have it “reversed” for my story, so you see everything from the baristas (person behind the counter)'s view. Idk if this is possible to make, but if someone feels like this would be a nice challenge I’d be super grateful if you helped me :sweat_smile: Another option would be if someone already have a background like this, from the baristas point of view, but then I would also need a background similar from the customers point of view :thinking:

Oh, I hope this makes sense! The reason I need this is because I want to create an over-the shoulder conversation inside the coffeeshop and this is the only way I think I could do it.


Hmm maybe they could help :thinking:


Thank you! I’ll check them out.