Review/advise for my story

Can someone read my story and give me your honest opinions about it and what I fix . My story is your my soulmate

I’ll check it out :wink:

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Oh my god thank u

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I’ll have to tomorrow though because my passes don’t refill for another couple hours and I don’t have the strength to stay awake much longer lol

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That’s okay

Do you want us to review all the episodes? I will read it tomorrow after school :slight_smile:

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I read the first episode and the main issues with your story is the Punctuation, Grammar, and English.

If you read it through you will notice that it is not proper English. This story has a lot of promise and will do much better if you fix the language used.

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Am not good with English . Am Haitian


I wish to point out that your title should be:

You’re My Soulmate

Maybe you could use google translate or something, I don’t know.:thinking:

I recommend a proofreader to fix any grammatical errors :sparkling_heart:

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Where would I find a proof reader

Oh ok I will thank u

Go in on

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Is that all I have to fix in my story or is there more

I recommend you make a thread or look up on the forums to see if you can find a proofreader that way :heart::sparkling_heart:

I have not read your story but I could check it out later on :slight_smile:

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Ok that’ll be great

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