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Hi guys! So I’ve recently published my new story “Walk of Shame”, and I had a lot of doubts. I’ve made this thread for readers and writers to come together. Share your story here!
I’m up for a rear for read!
Title: Walk of Shame
Desc: Love, drama, tragedy… Raine Scott’s life just got a whole lot messier. Imagine adding Parker Woods into the mix? Her life is a ticking time bomb. CC
Genre: Drama
Author name: Azalea
Reply to this for a read for read <3


I would but I have too many reviews to do right now but that cover is so cool! Did you make it? :slight_smile:


No I didn’t make it, my friend did but thank you! <3


Does she do any requests?? I love it!!


No she doesn’t, I’m sorry :confused:


Oh dang but its really good!!


Haha thank you! Her username is @veez4ra.epy on instagram if you want to check out some of her artwork <3


I will have to later, I broke my phone haha


Left a comment, her art is awesome! :slight_smile:


It really is :joy: she’s amazing


Lucky she made it for you. :slightly_frowning_face::joy:


Please PM me the review and then I will read urs
Title: Niklaus Grand children
Author: Jazmend esparza
Description: Meet Niklaus grandchildren all 7 of them. turns out hope was the first born after all. Or was she?
Style: INK
Episodes Released: 10 (ongoing)




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