Review /backgrounds


How long does it take for Episode to review backgrounds?

Review/ overlays

maybe…like a week or two not sure but if they were to focus on a contest and yr backgrounds arent approved, lets say in a week, then they may take a little longer to approve.


Oh ok thank you. I have my first overlay and background in review. I put the request in like 2 days ago. So I was curious. Thanks a lot. :smiley:




How long do you have to wait for the overlays to be approved by Episode?.


I usually have to wait around a week or two. It takes so long, I swear.


OMG! So overlays take longer than backgrounds to be approved?.


They are usually around the same for me.


My backgrounds take forever to get reviewed.


Oh ok. Thank you I was wondering how long I would have to wait.


Sometimes 3 days for me.


I’m getting ripped off.




It depends.




At one point it was taking about 2 weeks and then it was only a day but now it’s going back up to a couple of days. Maybe it depends on their work load?


Ok. Well all I have to do is wait. Thanks for telling me


I waited for about 3 to 4 days


Is it normal to wait over a month for it to get approved? I have an overlay I submitted in early August which still hasn’t been approved, and it’s not the first time it’s haplened before…


You’ve been waiting for that long?.