Review for a review?

Im working on my first story and im gonna publish it soon. But i can only read 3-4 chapters dm me if you accept ill send you a link

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Hey I’m interested, I sent you a PM

I do super long reviews for the first three chapters if you would like me to do a review for review; I also have an unpublished story that I am planning on publishing and could do with some constructive feedback.

can you still review it?

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ill review yours too

Yeah, sorry for the late reply, I can review yours. What’s the link?

do you want me to read yours?

If you want to you can, the link is:

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i cant read it the link isnt working but if you want i can read a different story

did you read it?

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Your story is AMAZING!!! I already love it!!!
One question, how did you put the prop in the floor??

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I’m really glad that you liked the story; I put the box on the floor by making the prop an overlay and, when your character is bending down to put it on the floor, changing the opacity from 0 to 1.

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Thank u so much!!
Ps: Your story is getting so interesting!
I’m on chapter 4 :laughing::heart:

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