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Hey, can someone review my story? I will need your honest opinion I don’t care if it would be harsh or not I just want it to be real, I won’t get offended (since I am asking for a review) so don’t mind if your opinion upset me or not, trust me I prefer a bad but honest opinion rather than a good but fake one. If you notice something off and you could help me I will appreciate it. I will read your story (if you have one) in return, as many chapters as you will read on mine and send you ss and a fanmail. You can P.M on forum or on Instagram.


                      My story is: 

NAME: King’s Desire
Author Piyi. O
Style Limelight
Chapters 6 (ongoing)
Plot Your visions lead you to another dimension. You have to hide your identity in order to survive, but how will you manage to do that when you fall for the prince?
Genre Fantasy
Instagram piyi.stories


I’ll share my opinion!
I don’t feel a connection with the characters, they just seem so flat, a little more background on them would be nice, the plot moves quite quickly, also a little thing is the warning overlay in the beginning, it looked kinda sloppy!:woman_shrugging:t3:
But I really like the idea of the story!:cowboy_hat_face::heart: Might continue reading!

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Thank you for answering, and for your help, it means a lot. I will try to fix those. I asked for help bc a girl had told me that she couldnt understand anything. I thought that my story is not so difficult to understand and i didnt know what to correct. Maybe as you said it was because the plot moves quickly.
I will try to fix and the splash. Once more, thank you so much.

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I’m very glad I could help!
Best of luck writing!:heart:

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Thank you for helping me

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