Review for Read?

Can you do covers too?

Hi Madison!
I’m sorry to hear no ones being nice to you, but I’m glad I could help!!

And are you thinking of writing a story? If so I guess I could try to make a cover but don’t get your hopes up too high :laughing:

Also, if you can, please check out my story Abroad
<3 Teresa

Hi! I’ll definitely check out your story! I’ll have to take a look tomorrow because I have work to do now, but I’ll definitely read it!

Here’s the link to my story, Trapped.

And here’s the front cover (I’m waiting for it to be reviewed)

Romance/ Drama

Your parents chuck you into Bellthorne Academy- a boarding school for only the richest. There, a mysterious stranger assigns you on a mission for millions of dollars.

No. Of Chapters:
Currently 6- more coming soon!

And yeah! Hope you’re able to check it out! I’ll send you a review once you’ve confirmed that you want to do a review for read with me . (Pm me privately on the forums)

Thanks! :two_hearts:

Hello OyeeAbi!

  • Love your cover! Did you draw it?
  • Anyways, onto more important things, I like your plotline! It’s kind of traditional (love triangles are in like every romance story out there) but I think you did a good job at making it original.
  • I also like how the story is very easy to follow, and you don’t have to wait for several episodes to see the plot develop. I only read one episode so far and I can already see the love triangle forming. (It’s Mike, Olly, and Charity isn’t it?)
  • Again, I don’t intend to tell you how to write your story or anything like that, this is just a suggestion, but I think the depth perception in your story is a bit off. The characters always go very far back into the scene, sometimes a little farther than I think they need to go, and it could just save time and help your story move faster if the characters didn’t spend so much time walking back. That’s all.
    -I love how paranoid Charity is, it’s so easy for me to relate to her. And the over-protective parents, I can totally relate to that too.

Great Job!
My only suggestions would be to evaluate the layers of depth you add to the staging in your story, and keep writing!! (You’ll definitely need more than 4 episodes)

<3 Teresa

Of course for the review all that I ask is that you read my story :))

I will read it tomorrow and show proof. It would be much appreciated if you checked out my story, too and I’d love a review!

Thank you so much lovely
First off, I love your cover! Did you make it yourself?

  • First, I love how you save the character customization until the fourth episode. I for one like it when I am able to customize the characters, but if I am asked to customize them right of the bat I usually don’t end up liking the way I made them. Lol.
  • Lmaooo she punches the cop. I really shouldn’t find that funny but that was really good.
  • I also like your use of the rain effect, and the zooming/panning. I was impressed with the directing skills you were able to use without any errors.
  • I LOVE YOUR CHOICES HAHA. In the beginning of the first episode “Wtf no, Imma tired” that’s actually me every morning
  • I like the way you set up the choice for the outfit, I haven’t seen it done like that before!

    Omgggg I laughed way to hard at that

All in all great job! Keep doing what you’re doing
<3 Teresa

Hello Meadowh!!
Whenever you are able to read my story would be greatly appreciated!
I also don’t know what pm means so Ima just review your story right here if that’s ok
PS I’ve never used limelight before so I apologize if you cannot apply my suggestions lol

  • First note, great cover and great title! That’s always a good start! I like it when the title is short and sweet, it doesn’t give too much away and it’s clean in a way. Idk. Bravo.
  • Just a note though, it was kind of hard to find your story because you have a pretty common username and title, just something to keep in mind.
  • HAha they snuck up to her room to watch Riverdale that would be me
  • Also, when Rio and Lexi are talking in the mall, they’re usually both talking at the same time. Just a simple directing error you might want to fix

ANWAY keep doing what you’re doing!
You have a really great plot line and I can’t wait to keep reading and see where it goes!
<3 Teresa

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Ok. I’ll see what kinda cover I want and see if you can do it. Thxs for the support.

thank you <3

Thanks for the review- it was short and sweet! I’ll be sure to check out your story tomorrow and give you a small review in return so you know I’ve read it! Thanks !

I’ll for sure check your story and I would love for you to check mine! of course any feedback is always appreciated

Author: Samanntha
Title: Wrestling In Love
Genre: Romance
Style: Ink
Chapters: 3
Brief Description: My story is about a girl and how the sport of wrestling is her life. Apart from that she is “head over heels with a boy” and that boys best friend is in love her. Big love triangle and as well as drama with a mean girl.

Thank you very much for your feedback !
Thank you filling in the form. I will surely give you a feedback in a short time and review your story :blush:

  1. About the cover, nope I didn’t draw it. Ive found it on the internet. And it actually marries well with the story :+1:t5:

  2. It’s always great when your main character what you have customize, of course it’s much more personal.

  3. I totally understand that it’s fast and short but at the begginig it’s hard to understand but the more you read it the more you will understand, everything will just fall out in place :slight_smile:

  4. I really take my time to customize the character for a better viewing experience, it’s always great when everyone is in style :smiley:

  5. The plot line it’s totally understanble but like I said. With time you will understand it much more better. The more you read it the more you will understand. :grin:

  6. Directing thank you ! Actually it’s my first story I’m really trying my best to direct neatly.

Thank you very much for your amazing feedback, I’ll surely try to improve :blush::purple_heart:


Hello Samantha! ( I love the name Samantha btw. Lol just sayin.)

  • Love your title and your cover
  • Your plot is very easy to understand, which is good. But it’s also very similar to other love stories I have read, and since you have only written 3 episodes, it might be the perfect time for a plot twist, no? Something to make your story really stand out.
  • The directing is simple, but clean, I noticed a few minor scenes changing errors, but nothing major, impressive for your first story!
  • Also your characters are really nicely designed! It’s consistent, the outfits are on point (the guys are really cute lmao)
  • Anyway, I love your story! I will definately continue reading

My only criticism would be to continue writing! I have already read the three episodes you have posted and I’m waiting for more.

Also, don’t be afraid to use overlays, or more complicated directing commands! It will make your story seem more professional, and more interesting / fun to read.

Anyway, great story!
Please check out my story Abroad!!(scroll up :))

<3 Teresa

Thank you so much! I’m just waiting for backgrounds to get approved so I can continue!
I know you said I needed to work on a plot twist maybe you can help me with that?

Btw I just finished reading abroad and I got to say I LOVE it!! Love the story line and I can’t wait for you to continue did make it a favorite.
The only thing that I see that can help would be the speech bubbles are off when a character or characters talk but other than that it’s really good :grin::clap:t3:

Haha yeahhh I’m the queen of directing errors what can I say ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Also, OF COURSE I WOULD LOVE TO HELP YOU WITH A PLOT TWIST!! Pm me if you’re interested!! I’ll do as much as I can to help!!

<3 Teresa

This thread is amazing; I’ll gladly read your story for a review. I’m always up for tips on how to improve! :grin: Here are the deets for my story…

Title: From This Day Forward
Author: goth.gaia
Genre: Romance/Drama
Description: After your disastrous wedding day, you decide to start fresh: new city, new you, no drama- or so you hoped. Will you say “I do” to the chaos or leave it at the altar? CC


I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts! :two_hearts:

hi! thanks for creating this :smile:
You,Me And The Beat by Anna
Episodes: 3/ongoing
Genre: Drama/Mystery

I will read your story today and send ss :blush:

Hello! I’d love to do a review for review with you!! Just shoot me a PM or comment and I will be happy to give you some feedback on your new story! I know how nerve wracking it is and how hard it is to get noticed so I’d love to help you out! Thank you!

Title: Closing the Distance
Author: G. Lambent
Genre: Adventure
Episodes: 4 (ongoing)
Style: Ink
Description: When Thea finds herself trapped on the other side of the country with no money, a suitcase and a man she hates, travelling home becomes an adventure that will change her life.