Review for Read?



I would love a review for my story! I also am new to episode and have just begun to write my first story, so I know the feeling of wanting more reads.

Title- My Best Friend Next Door
Author- Marina
Genre- Romance
Episodes- 8 (ongoing)
Style- Ink
Description- What happens when someone from your past moves in next door? Will you fall for them? Follow Maya on her journey through senior year and see her find love where she least expects it!




Hello goth.gaia!!
Thank you so much for your interest in my feed, I had no clue it would take off like this lol :slight_smile:

  • First off, and I feel like I say this a lot, but I really like your cover! I was really confused when I first saw it, but I guess that’s good because it makes me want to read to figure it out.

  • I also love your splashes, they’re very consistent and creative, they look really nice!

  • I don’t really understand the connection between the description of the story and the story yet, but I’ve only read the first episode so far, I’ll keep reading to find out !

  • I didn’t notice any directing errors, which was very impressive because you used some complicated directing commands.

  • I was shocked to see that your story only had 30 reads, it seemed like you should have so much more!

  • I also really like your plotline! It must have been hard to write about a relationship like the one between the main character and James, but I know people in relationships like theirs and I like how you brought light to the issue of abusive relationships.

  • My only criticism would be that your episode (or at least the first one) was very very long. I would suggest maybe putting less content in each of your episodes, and then you could have more episodes for your readers to read, and you wouldn’t have to write as much for each of your episodes. Just a suggestion :))

All in all, great story!
Is this your first story? I didn’t see any other stories on your profile, but it’s hard to believe this is your first story, you seem so experienced.

Anyway, I added your story to my favorites, I can’t wait to keep reading, keep up the good work!

<3 Teresa


Oh wow, thank you so, so much for taking the time to review my story! It truly means the world to me!!

  • Thank you for appreciating my cover and splashes lol. They took me hours.
  • 30 reads is honestly more than I thought I would get! So it might not be a lot, sure, but I’m still super grateful and stoked that I got any at all, especially with how hard it is to get noticed on Episode.
  • I know the first episode is super long. Pilots are tricky for me, ngl. I really wanted to introduce all of the characters and give the reader a feel for what they’re in for, but I think I definitely went overboard haha. You’re the second person to let me know that it’s too lengthy, so I’ll have to go back and edit it a little bit. The other episodes are significantly shorter, trust me!

Yes, this is my first story, but I’ve spent months tinkering with it! Not to mention that I’ve rewritten the story like 10 times lol. I’ve just had a lot of time to practice. :grin:

Thank you again for your review, as well as adding my story to your favorites! :revolving_hearts: I just finished your story and gave it 5 stars in return.


Hi Anna! Thank you for your interest in my stream! (lol if that’s what this is called)

  • First of all, I like your cover, and your intro with all the splashes, I was very impressed with the way you arranged your title in the intro. Nice use of sound too!
  • I was super impressed with the complicated directing commands you used, even more so because I didn’t see any errors!
  • I also really like your storyline! It’s complicated, but I’m sure I will continue to read more to find out whats going on lol
  • The only thing is your episode was really really long, I would suggest maybe toning down the amount of content in your episode, and you wouldn’t have to write as much for each episode, but you will still have the same amount of information in your story.
  • Also, I think your episodes may seem longer than they are because you have a lot of pauses between dialog, and it kind of drags the story out a little. And although I was impressed with the zooming and directing commands you used, you used to many of them that it kind of slows down the story

All in all great job!
I added your story to my favorites and I can’t wait to read more!!

<3 Teresa


Thank you love!

<3 Teresa


Hello G_Lambent!
Thank you for your involvement in my stream!

It is super hard to get noticed right??? Like Episode should do something about that.

  • First of all, I love your cover! How did you make the title?
  • I like the intro you had in the beginning! I haven’t seen anything like that before. Also your splashes are really nice!
  • I really like the relationship developing between Thea and Xavier (the love-hate lol)
  • I PULL PRANKS ON MY BOYFRIEND ALL. THE. TIME. I’m going to try the lego thing.

I can’t find anything to critique! The length of your story was good, and the directing wasn’t annoyingly complicated, but complicated enough to be impressive; and I didn’t notice any errors!

Keep up the good work!
All I ask in return for the review is that you read my story Abroad, thank you so much!

<3 Teresa


(that’s a cool name, how’d you come up with that?)
I’m new to Episode too! Abroad is my first story, and all I ask in return for the review is that you read my story!

  • One directing order I noticed at the very beginning of the first episode was when Maya and Nick are kissing, they’re too far away from each other so they’re really just kissing the air.
  • Haha I can totally relate to the obnoxious older brother
  • I don’t like Matt
  • And I only read the first chapter, but the new guys moving is Nick isn’t it?

Other than those few directing errors, I would keep doing what you’re doing! For your first story, I’m really impressed, and I’m surprised you only have 30 reads, I would expect your story to have so much more!! Start putting your story out there; on forums and tell your friends and stuff, you have an awesome story and you should share it!

<3 Teresa


I will most definitely give you a review back!! Thank you so much for all the good feedback!!!

Also my cover was made by the amazing @ellekay_edits on IG, her requests were open and I jumped in and asked for the covers! Also the title was extremely hard to come up with, I literally wrote two pages of random titles before I got the yes moment :joy::joy::joy:


I should probably do that, lol. Abroad is a really weird title I feel like I need a better one :laughing:

<3 Teresa


So actually my name is Marina, and my last name is ridiculously long so I just shorten it into pantaz to create marinapantaz!

And yes, the guy moving in will be Nick but shhh :joy::joy:

Thank you so much for the review, I will definitely fix that directing error! Also I just finished the first episode of your story, I hope Hannah’s conversation with her dad goes well!


Haha thank you so much Marina!

<3 Teresa