Review for review - 100% Honest Feedback

Will give honest feedback.

I would really appreciate any feedback given.

Hey, I could give you feedback! Wanna give some feedback on my collaboration story in return? It’s called H & V: Twisted Truth - here’s the link:

Of course I would love to give your story a read.

Perfect! I’ll start right away :smile: Where do you want me to post your feedback? Should I comment here or send it?

Either works for me, I am just happy to be getting some feedback and I have started to read your story already and it is definitely keeping me in suspense. Where would you like me to post your feedback?

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Aahh, I’m glad you find it suspenseful! :grin: You can message me on here or on Instagram (@charlottegwrites) if you’d like!

I do not have Instagram so I guess it will have to be on here ,I know this may seem like a silly question but by on here do you mean on this feed?

Not silly at all! I should have been more clear, I meant a private message :blush:

Yeah okay I will do that, thanks for the clarification.

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