Review for review - 100% Honest Feedback


Will give honest feedback.


I would really appreciate any feedback given.


Hey, I could give you feedback! Wanna give some feedback on my collaboration story in return? It’s called H & V: Twisted Truth - here’s the link:


Of course I would love to give your story a read.


Perfect! I’ll start right away :smile: Where do you want me to post your feedback? Should I comment here or send it?


Either works for me, I am just happy to be getting some feedback and I have started to read your story already and it is definitely keeping me in suspense. Where would you like me to post your feedback?


Aahh, I’m glad you find it suspenseful! :grin: You can message me on here or on Instagram (@charlottegwrites) if you’d like!


I do not have Instagram so I guess it will have to be on here ,I know this may seem like a silly question but by on here do you mean on this feed?


Not silly at all! I should have been more clear, I meant a private message :blush:


Yeah okay I will do that, thanks for the clarification.



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