Review for Review, Read for Read, R4R 2019 Thread

Hi everyone, while trying to promote my own new story THE SOCIETY (OF HAVERFORD), I notice the lack of thread for promoting new stories in 2019. Most review / r4r thread are from 2018 and already closed. So to every aspiring and new writer of 2019, I present to you: 2019 Review & R4R Thread where u can promote your stories while helping others, giving feedbacks, and read awesome stories!
The rules are pretty simple:

  1. Be respectful
  2. Give ur story’s details (title, author, genre, style, cover, etc)

So here’s mine first:
Title: The Society (of Haverford)
Author: Scarlett
Genre: Comedy, slice of life
Style: Limelight
Instagram: @scarletter.writes


thank you for anyone who are willing to participate or help new writers. Everyone is welcome here :heart:


Title - The Prince
Authors - Aubrey and S. Symon
Genre - Fantasy/Romance
Style - LL
IG - Yeah we don’t have one
How to find our story - YOU HAVE TO TYPE IN SYMON S. :))

Cover -
My partner made it so I can’t pull it up

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Hi, thanks for the thread! :slight_smile: I would also love to do R4R with you! :blush:
Here’s my story info! Feel free to give suggestions or your thoughts on it!

Story Name: What You’ve Always Wanted
Author Name: Shronus
Style: Limelight
Completion Status: 4 (more coming, working on 5)
CC: Yes!
General description: Her life was turned upside down in one day. Who can she ever trust again? It was until a secret mission that led her into the inevitable path of love, lust, and betrayals. [CC, LL]
Cover: I don’t have one yet bc it’s still being made by someone and I want them to take their time…
Genre: Romance / drama? (let me know what you guys think the genre should be)
Story Link:
Insta (follow me if u want!): @shronus.writes

I will get to your story asap and send u screenshots! hope u can do the same :heart:

hello! let’s do an R4R! you send me screenshots after you’re done and I’ll do the same.

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hello there! ur very welcome :smiley: and let’s do an r4r! send me screenshots after you’re done and i’ll do the same xx

k I’ll get on ur story asap! :slight_smile:

After u’re dine can u give me screenshot? I’ll do the same too and i’ll give u short feedback, thanks love x i’ll start ur story now

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Yes I will give you screenshots. I’ll also give you short feedback too :slight_smile:

Screenshots of what?
And do you wanna do all episodes or just one?
On our story, we didn’t know how to start the story, so just try to read to chapter 4, thats when it gets juicy.

I’ll do it.

Just scroll up to see my stry bc I’m lazy. :))

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i’ll read till the end and can u do the same? my story also got juicier around chapter 4 :rofl:
screenshot of proof love x

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I forgot, is English your first language?

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I started reading your story. I love the story plot. But your grammar is a little bit off. If you want help with that I can. And I feel like everything is happening so fast. Maybe drag it out. :)) But not to far. ;))

(no clue why I did that)

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Of course!

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Hey! do you want to do r4r?
Name: The fragments of the past
Author: Kate B
Instagram name: kateb_episode
Description: Gang life is dangerous and after a tragedy Lily is not the same, will she ever believe in love again?
Chapters: 17
Genre: Action/ Adventure

Style: Ink


Hey It’d be great if we could do an R4R! Here’s my story:

Title: The Depths of Newport
Author: baechulgi
Genre: Romance, Mystery
Instagram: baechulgi.episode
Description: Forced into Witness Protection, Nadia moves to a small town on the east coast. Juggling love, friendship, and school, Nadia uncovers what lies beneath the depths of Newport.

Okay cool!

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Sure!! You’re 3rd on the list. I might be able to finish it Wednesday.

Heh just kidding I might be able to get 4 episodes done by Wednesday.

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