Review my first episode? pls

hey y’all

so I just finished coding my first episode of my first ever story on Episode! I’m super excited to post it, I’m just waiting on an edit to be finished and then approved. While I wait, is there a way for someone to read my episode and lmk what they think without me actually publishing it for the whole app to see? I’m new to this part so please don’t attack me lol

anyone is welcome! thank u :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I can review your first episode now actually! just send me the link or if you want it done tomorrow or later just visit my thread Olu's review thread (OPEN)

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does the story need to be published to send a link? or do i send the link thats on the bottom of like the story details?

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The story does not need to be published to send a link

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