Review my story and I will review yours!

Hey :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i would like to review your story !!
But I will probably send it tomorrow is that okay ?:sweat_smile::slight_smile:
So here is my story!

@Nency_episode Thank you so much! Sorry, I am bad with the links. Can you please tell me the title and author of your story so I can review it? :smiley:

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Yes ofc :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Story: breaking my psychos walls
Author: Neserin.creating :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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I want to read it but I don’t have a story yet!!:hugs:

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@Sydney_H I think this is in the wrong catagory

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I would love it if you can read mines as well. I will definitely read yours as well!
Title: Warrior’s Tribute
Style: INK
Episodes: 11 so far
Synopsis: After being banned for many centuries, Ceres has one set goal: to defeat her enemies or will they defeat her?
Sorry I couldn’t provide the link but is it possible if you can view it under my profile? My profile name is Zarah Reign

That is totally fine :+1: I will try and read your story too, thanks for offering to read mine! :blush:

Heyy hun! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I just read your story And I gave you a review for every 3 episodes :sweat_smile::blush::heart: if i’m too rude i’m really sorry!! that’s not my intention!:pleading_face::heart::heart:

Episode one!

:two_hearts: DESCRIPTION:
I like it! it really attracts me to read it! it is interesting and I can also imagine a lot! :laughing:

:two_hearts: COVER: Sweet! :partying_face:

:two_hearts: DIRECTING:
• so the first scene with cole, when he was on the alley with another boy, and later walking in the other zone are kind of small and you think they are floating.:sweat_smile: :arrow_down:

• somehow The guy comes out of nothing out of the wall instead of on the side you know?:arrow_down:

• then the other man went instead of running and suddenly came out of nowhere⬇️

I think it was the man on the right :face_with_monocle:, but I would check it again :sweat_smile::innocent:

:two_hearts: ZOOM:
• OK!:heart:

:two_hearts: SOUND EFFECT:
• So I already say it is a matter of taste. So at the first scene I didn’t find the music to be suitable.:sweat_smile:
• When Charlie falls on the floor the sound came a little late.
• I think it’s great that you used small sound effects!
• in the second scene I don’t find the music so suitable…
• In the scene where cole and Charlie were shocked you could add a gun shot sound :sweat_smile::two_hearts:

:two_hearts: ANIMATION:
• When the guy shoot, he just held the gun instead of „really“ firing you know?

Episode two!

:two_hearts: DIRECTING:
• Everything great!

:two_hearts: ZOOM:
• So when we got to the scene, :arrow_down:

We were in another zone before and only after a few seconds in the scene.

:two_hearts: SOUND EFFECT:
• small sound effects are always good :wink: all good !!

:two_hearts: ANIMATION:

on the photo you wrote it too narrowly, so your char didn’t do any animation when she said what next… :arrow_down:

:two_hearts: OVERLAYS:
When we came to this scene, this car overlay suddenly appeared⬇️

Episode three!

:two_hearts: DIRECTING:
• In this scene, the characters somehow came individually :arrow_down:

• in the scene she runs backwards!:arrow_down:

• she suddenly appeared on the scene⬇️

• Here, after the sound effect, he suddenly came up next to him.:arrow_down:

:two_hearts: ZOOM:
Good! :+1:t3:

:two_hearts: SOUND EFFECTS:
Good! :+1:t3:

:two_hearts: ANIMATION:
• In the scene when he hit her, she just cried instead of doing the animation punch_receive. :arrow_down:

• on this scene where Elena talked with her mother on the phone, instead of doing deepbreath she could do listen_phone_sigh :arrow_down:

:two_hearts: LAYERS:
• When she stood in front of her son to protect him, she was behind him and her husband
• So in general there were many mistakes in the flashback scene you have to pay attention to the directing and layers :innocent:
otherwise all good! :slight_smile::+1:t3::+1:t3:

And I actually called my character Layton but you said cole all the time :sweat_smile::heart:

:two_hearts: GENERALLY:
I think your story is really good! you have a good idea that can be implemented very nicely! It was interesting! I also find the individual characters in your story very beautiful, so the MC’s the guy is so sweet and very sensitive and i just love elena :joy::sneezing_face: but I would really do a lot of reviews and ask if someone does proofreading for you :sweat_smile::heart: Otherwise your story is really very nice! keep going :laughing:!! i look forward to read more!:heart_eyes:

And again I am so sorry, if I was rude :sweat_smile: it was not my intention !!
I hope this review helped you a little bit :sweat_smile:
Have a great day Hun! :kissing_heart::two_hearts:

For your first story it’s good !:+1:t3::heart: Keep it up!

When is the next episode coming?:heart_eyes::two_hearts:

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Can we do a review for review?

Title: Magicka: Witches Aren’t Real

Author: Raven Writes (@RavenWrites)

Genre: Fantasy

Description: They said your mother was crazy. But they were wrong. She was the only one who saw them coming. The witches are here and they are on a hunt…

Link: 1


You were not rude at all! I actually really appreciate this!!! This is super helpful and when I have time I will correct everything :blush: :blush: Going to read your story now! Thank you :smiley: :+1: Also, sorry that the character said Cole the whole time, how would I change that in the future? I’ll try and update soon! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yes! We can do a review for review! However, I’ll prob get to your review tomorrow. :blush:

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all good! Me too, I have LOADDSSSS of homework.

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Just finished reading the first 3 chapters of your story! Same as you, I gave you a review for each chapter :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Chapter 1:

Pros: Super funny!! Very good directing :+1: It is a very cool idea. Nice music choices and very nice job with all the overlays. I really enjoyed how you portrayed the characters, especially Ayden with his funky, jokester personality.

Cons: In one of the scenes, I think you meant for Ayden to be in the cell, but he was actually outside of the cell. (I included a picture of when I noticed this)

Chapter 2:

Pros: Once again, good use of overlays, such as the bible, pillow, etc. Also, it was smart to add more feuds because they add suspense, such as Dixon and the sheriff. This will make the reader want to continue reading because they will want to find out what Dixon has in store for the sheriff. :blush:

Cons: Sometimes the characters slide instead of walk when they’re entering the screen (their feet aren’t moving, but the character itself is moving).

Chapter 3:

Pros: I like how fast paced the story is. In the first chapter Ayden is in a cell and in the third chapter Ayden is at high school. :+1: This chapter was also super funny! I like how you include the author throughout the story!

Cons: In this chapter as well, when Ayden walked into the high school, in some parts, he was sliding instead of walking.

Overall, nice job! I really enjoyed reading your story! :smiley:

Hey!! Thank you so much!! That was such a nice review and helped so much! I will definitely check on the directing and the Ayden overlay :pleading_face::heart::heart:
I appreciated it !!! I’m happy you enjoyed it!

Have a nice day and keep it up with your story !!!:heart::heart::partying_face::partying_face::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::slight_smile::innocent:

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So sorry! I am so new to this!

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