Review My Story Please ❤


Oh, alrighty then. :confused:


Wow, this is a very awesome review <3


Don’t be sad! Determination and a positive attitude helps when one is writing a story! Remember, not everyone is going to continue reading your stories, some will, some will not. Every reader has their own personal preference : ) You just gotta work hard, have fun and handle opinions like a proffessional badass. You go girl, write that story and write it with passion!


I completely agree :smiley: and I will continue reading your story April, it is amazing but for clarification I meant I was not finishing my story off as directing is pretty time consuming. Also, thanks for your kind words on my review :slight_smile:


My bad, should have read the whole thing instead of skimming through it, I am very sorry :sweat_smile: No hard feelings right? :persevere: And am sure that you will go far one day in any job/skill that you do <3 Good luck with everything dear!:heart:


No hard feelings at all, :slight_smile: also no problem and again thanks for the kind words it means a lot :heart:


@JemU776 and @Days, I’m not really sure how much of that was actually meant to be for me, but thank you both! :rofl::revolving_hearts:



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