Review my unpublished story: feedback needed!


I’m currently working on a story called Deadly game. It’s a crime story, and I have finished the first three episodes (still need to go over the entire story and make some changes, but the majority will be left as it is).

I am looking for people to give me detailed review, as well as suggestions. I can take critism as long as it is constructive! If you’re interested, just reply tot his post!

Your life take a dark turn when you get chosen by a killer to play his deadly game. Will you be able to resolve the case, Detective? One thing is certain: chaos is closing in.



Hey I’m interested! I’d love to take a look at your story and review it!

thank you! I’ll PM you the link :blush:


I’ll give it a read, im scouting for inspiration atm

looks good. I will see if I can find it on episode. Is it out yet?

I’ll PM you the link :blush:

Nope, it’s not out yet…

No it’s not out yet but I can link you to the unfinished part. I’ve gotta work but I’ll be back later

Hi! Your story looks interesting, I would like to read it :relaxed:.

(I can try to give you a good review, but can’t promise anything hehe… :star2:)

I’m sending you the link now!

Hi :wave:t4: if you would like another opinion I’d recommend request one at my thread! :sunflower:

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Okay thanks.

Update, four episodes are now live :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

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