Review Needed ASAP!

I need a story review!


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Name: Save Me
Author Name: Alexandra Rose

Link I’ll read and give my thoughts💙

The story seems very interesting but there should be more fading to understand what’s the past and what’s the present, and another thing it’s how it started. I can’t really understand what the main character feel, so I would try to use narrator bubble and write her thoughts. Like from “It was really painful hearing those things” to “It’s been going on for so much time, the only thing I feel is emptiness”. You do know how spot directing works so try to use it more often, so we can see distance and the height of the characters.

This review it’s not to discourage you, instead is too see flaws so that you can fix them.

* Good covers :+1: * Good story plot/description * Good chapter length *Little spot directing *no intro/splashes Keep going and don’t give up

:blush: Good luck with your story, keep doing amazing things

My review may be short, but it’s late and I’m a little tired :sweat_smile::sleeping:

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