Review of my new story!

Detailed Description

It is the story of a girl who leaves behind her dreams to protect her kingdom and the underage son of the father-figure person in her life. Incidentally, this father-figure person is none other than the king of Estale. The story roams about how she ends up being stuck with the prince of Estale and finds out the actual enemy who assassinated the king and rescues the prince from several accidents planned by the enemy.

This story is set in Estale, a fictional place and has references to magic, spiced up with some technological stuff. You also get to see a romantic and compassionate relationship which’ll lighten up your mood for a few minutes.

Title: SWY: Her Stolen Dream
Author: Ann C
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
Description: A royal engagement between Chloe and Liam goes wrong when the king is killed. Now, Chloe must defend the prince and kingdom. What will happen when she’s stuck with the prince?



It is a contest entry- Stuck With You. So it has to be named like that

You want your story reviewed?


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okay. I’ll read it and lyk

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