Review of "The Pregnancy Game/The Ultimate Affair"

Another review made to help pass the time- here’s one centering on a bit of a “polarizing” Episode story from what I can tell… “The Pregnancy Game” (or “The Ultimate Affair”, for those who’ve read the Limelight version) by Kay B. The basic premise seems to go as follows-

A young married woman is feeling hopeless at not being able to get pregnant, and so a certain bad boy neighbor gives her a “tempting” offer she can’t possibly refuse to fix her problems…

So, yeah… basically its one of “those” drama stories in which it mostly focuses on the consequences of cheating, love triangles, pregnancy shenanigans, and so forth. And… yeah, thats basically all there is to this story in the long haul tbh :woman_shrugging: nothing really “groundbreaking” from other pregnancy-related dramas plastered on the app… except for I guess the fact that most, if not all, the main cast involved are just… painful to watch at just how unlikable most of them get towards certain elements of the story. I’ll try to explain best I can with the characters:

-The MC; a woman who’s “meant” to be some poor, suffering woman who just wants to experience motherhood according to the narrative… but the way it keeps making her case more “justifiable” even when faced with something like cheating just really rubbed me the wrong way :unamused: . I don’t even recall much of an in-depth reason given for her near-obsessiveness over having a baby other than… well, just 'cause? Idk… I mean, I guess to be fair she does seem to get more tolerable to deal with in the husband-focused routes (and the eventual forgiveness/reconnecting in their own marriage could be charming to see if you’re into that stuff)… but I just could not for the life of me get what kind of appeal there’d be to stick her with the neighbor dude aside from the shallow “oH he’s a hAWT bad boy~”, let alone with that other track record he’s got as revealed down the line :confused: all in all… I just don’t know with this chick, man…

-The Husband; a guy who may be kind of “hit or miss” to certain people with his generally “clean” aesthetic (well, minus the whole ‘had a vasectomy behind my wife’s back’ thing), but I ultimately found him the more “tolerable” of the two presented love interests. While he definitely had some issues to work out in terms of not handling his wife’s pushiness all that appropriately in hindsight, in a way I… honestly felt bad for him with how the narrative seemed to vilify him for not conforming to his wife’s every wishes (as selfish as they steadily got overtime). Not that it excuses his own flaws and mistakes made throughout it, but I guess if I had to end the story on a love route (though I honestly wish we could’ve had a single option more tbh), my first pick is the Husband.

-The Neighbor, aka the “edgy hot bad boy” that tempts the MC into having a baby with him behind everyone’s back. I… don’t really have much to say about him tbh, since he’s basically about as standard of a bad boy love interest as you can get on this app. I guess with his past and rocky relationship with Shandy we’re supposed to have seen him more as the “sympathetic” love interest… buuut that sympathy quickly evaporates for me with how little justification there is for him and the MC to get together (save for some physical attraction, that is), on top of how scummy it is that he’d try to pretend to be all “buddy buddy” with MC’s husband whilst also continuing in lusting after his wife :unamused: . Basically he’s about as selfish as the MC is in the long run so… I guess that’s how they’re supposed to be “perfect” together? Idk, I only ever touched like…one time of the love route between him and her so… either way he ain’t my favorite :woman_shrugging: .

-Shandy, the Neighbor’s “bossy nag” of a wife is… oh boy, a real case in of herself :roll_eyes: . Clearly only designed as the typical “trashy white girl” that only really exists to bitch at the bad boy and justify MC “saving” him from her clutches… I don’t have alot of positives to really say about her. I mean, I guess she was a bit more tolerable in the Limelight version of the story, which seemed to offer a tiny bit more sympathy and her being more willing to being MC’s “bestie” at first… but again, the handwaving of all her clear abuse and toxicity towards her husband 'cause she’s a girl doesn’t leave me with much to wanna root for her either…

All the other side cast aren’t really worth talking about either tbh, since they play so little of a major part in the plot aside from fueling the cheating drama and other needless bits of “suspense”. Honestly the only real character I found myself “liking” in some way was the stripper guy “Muscles”… and he wasn’t even an original character lol (having originated more from yet another story of Kay B’s, “Graduation: Then Marriage”?). Mainly just 'cause he provided a decent amount of humor in his chapter roles + that story of him learning to be a father in of itself seemed like a cute idea… though its a shame it wasn’t really focused on as much as all this other cheating bs :woman_facepalming:

Sooo yeah… with all that said, I don’t know if I’d really recommend this type of story for the casual reader tbh. While I guess the Limelight did a slightly better job at pacing and some of the story set-ups, there’s not really much else to enjoy if you’re looking for a genuinely good romance/pregnancy-related story… as moreso it seems to cater more for those who are into the YA melodrama themes on top of other “juicy” antics :woman_shrugging: . Not that this is meant to be a slight on the author’s behalf btw, 'cause I actually did enjoy her other “Graduation: Then Marriage” story in comparison… but after a few reads of this one, it doesnt really do it for me much anymore :sweat:

I’ve read the Episode official version (It’ll Be Our Secret) and it’s actually pretty good, despite all the gem choices. Besides, it’s not her fault Episode puts all those gem choices in :woman_shrugging:

Huh, there’s an Episode official version of it? Had no idea, how different is that from the original story, would you say?

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It was one of the first stories I’ve ever read, but if I remember correctly…

The LI isn’t really that much of a badboy, more like someone friendly and caring who she can find comfort in when she’s having a bad day. He’s sweet, but not the sickening kind of sweet. Spoiler: I remember the one time when all four of them were carpooling together, and his wife literally started smoking even though she was pregnant and the MC was pregnant. He stood up for the MC, and told his wife that she shouldn’t be smoking while she was around the MC, and then they started to have an argument. He was really considerate of the MC’s feelings. I don’t remember feeling any badboy vibes; he was caring and gentle. This is just what I remember, but I actually enjoyed this story, for the most part. Maybe it was because I didn’t have high expectations as a new reader at the time… but still. All my opinion though!