Review on my draft story xx

It’s only the first episode, I made it today because I was bored, But I would largely appreciate if someone could give critics and advice.


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It’s pretty good, I have a few things tho…

When you add things like FaceTime buttons or busses and things like that… they are a bit blurry and then it looks like a bad 2015 video ahah.

When you zoom in to someone’s face, or to follow them… maybe make it not too close up and make sure it’s following it and not 10 years behind…

Maybe make it a bit more exiting like, drama or some sad or funny bits. It would make it even better!

Overall it’s pretty good <3

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You can also ask a review

Here if you want


i will view it later on, im currently stuck on a thing on how to make on episode… <33

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you can send me a pm if you want about it, maybe I can help.

This is so good. Like I haven’t read an ink story in a hot minute its mostly been LL, so seeing an ink story was amazing! Amazing job I can’t wait to see the finished product!

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