Review submission thread! Quality reviews guaranteed ๐Ÿ’œ

Hey there everyone! :blush:

This thread is for anyone who would like a through, honest and helpful review of their story. I know you all work so hard on your stories and I would love to provide feedback on the things I think youโ€™re doing AMAZINGLY and on areas I think you could improve on to make your story REALLY stand out.

Because these threads can receive LOTS of requests and tend to get really messy and disorganized, I do have a few rules in order to help myself filter through stories I think I am best suited to review. Please read ALL of the following rules very carefully !


  1. Your story MUST be ink OR limelight.

  2. Iโ€™m only interested in reviewing ORIGINAL, CREATIVE and UNIQUE stories.

  3. You must have proof read/edited your story before hand. (Iโ€™m totally fine with correcting a few spelling and grammar mistakes, but if there are simply too many to allow me to enjoy or understand your story, I canโ€™t guarantee Iโ€™ll be able to finish reading it.)

  4. You MUST fill out the google docs form (linked below) in order to get your review. This next part is important! Once you have filled out the form, click submit then return to this thread and leave a comment letting me know that you have submitted the form!!! I WILL NOT review your story if you merely comment on this thread with your story info.

  5. By default, I will be reviewing only the first chapter of your story. If you want me to review your first three chapters instead, read my story Gifted Minds (Limelight) and answer a simple question found in the second chapter. You can submit your answer on the google doc form linked below. Please read THIS POST if youโ€™d like more information about my story Gifted Minds.

  6. As a bonus, if I REALLY like your story, I would be happy to promote it on my Instagram. :blush:

Click on THIS LINK to fill out the google docs form to get your story review.


If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this thread.

Happy Reading!

Justine22 :purple_heart:

Review List!

This is a master list (in chronological order) of users who have requested a review and the status of their review. I will update this list each time I complete a review. The amount of time it takes for me to complete each review can vary, but please give me up to ONE WEEK from the time that I have indicated your review is โ€œin progressโ€. I write super detailed reviews so sometimes they take some time to complete. Thanks for your patience!

  1. @Madhu (review in progressโ€ฆ)

  2. @medusa.jett

  3. @Grottino

  4. @Vendula

  5. @Fettuccine

  6. @anianju

  7. @JannahJackson

This list was last updated on June 1st 2020 at 3:17PM EST.


Hello! I have submitted a review! Thank you for doing this! Looking forward for your review!

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Hey! Thank you for this thread. :slight_smile: Just signed up!

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Iโ€™ve just filled the form :smiley:

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I have filled the form, thank you very much!

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Hi, Iโ€™ve submitted a form. Thank you for your time.

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Hi! ๐Ÿ™‹
I have filled the form, thank you very much for doing this review :hugs::heart:!

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Alright done. Thank you!

Hello, I have filled in the form, thank you for doing this!

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