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I’m AJ and I would like to review your story!

If you would like your story reviewed, contact me on Instagram @AJMU.episode, or message me here privately(I do recommend messaging me on Instagram as I am on it a lot more).

General rules/necessary mentions:


Public reviews are mainly for stories that have already been published, private reviews are for stories that are not published. However, if you’d like for the review to be published, do let me know.


I do all styles (e.g. INK, Limelight, Classic and Spotlight)

*My review may change according to the style.


I do all genres!


I may have limited slots in a week*, if you’d like your review early then please state “URGENT” and your reason for the urgency.

*slot number will increase during the first week of a contest. Publish your story on the deadline and I will review your story only then.

Public and private reviews

All reviews are technically public, but if there is a reason as to why you would want to keep it private then please state why. (Published reviews include shout outs)


I do have restrictions on the type of stories/plots that may pop up.

I accept stories that contain:

  • LGBTQ+

  • Religions (state the religion)

  • Multiple ethnicities

  • Folklore

  • Mythologies

I do not accept stories that contain:

  • Incest (subjective)

  • Discrimination (subjective)

  • Above PG-13 visuals

*If there is a theme that I do not agree with, I will mention it here and your story may be rejected



They will not be reviewed, however, Do put one on to give more attention to your story.


  • It occurs in the time set in the story

  • It occurs in the background of the story (e.g. Greek mythology)

How to apply

When applying, please state:

  • title

  • genre

  • style

  • mature or not

  • summary

  • author’s name (on Episode)

  • author’s Instagram

  • published or not

  • mature themes in the story

  • trigger warnings

  • private/public and why

  • Urgent/non-urgent

  • Link to your story

  • your goals for your story (optional)

  • what inspired you to write said story (optional)

Final words:

It’s not easy asking a stranger to review an judge your story, but who else will, right? Take the leap and you’ll find yourself landing at a place you thought you could only dream of.

Good luck!


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I DM’d you on Instagram. I’m winter05.episode. :slight_smile:

Send you a dm on insta :smile:

Already dm you on Instagram. :slight_smile: :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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