Review unpublished story. -will give credit (Please πŸ’•)

Hi guys!! I want to publish my story soon but I’d love to get some opinions on my first 5 chapters. If anyone were able to review the first few chapters I’d be super grateful!!

Couple things to note:
-I have not yet added sounds/intro/outro to chapter 4-5 (planning on doing it today.)
-I write in the British English so some words will be spelled differently to American English (i.e: customise/realise/behaviour/saviour/neighbour,… and probably many more.)
-Because the story is not published yet, if anyone wants to help I’ll pm them a link to my story.

I hope someone can find the time and energy to do it and thank you in advance! :slight_smile::two_hearts:


It’s a romance taking place in a fantasy world.

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pm me the link love
I would love to review and will let you know within 2 days ofc
IG - _angryybirdd _

I would love to help

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I’d love to give you some feedback! Just PM me the link.

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